How Is The Transportation In Krabi?

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Krabi is the name of a Province in Southern Thailand. Within Krabi Province, there are many places to stay. Ao Nang is the main tourist village, and this is where most tours and boats operate.


Krabi Transportation By Air

Bangkok is Thailand’s main hub with domestic flights to Krabi. There are also international airports in Krabi, Phuket and Hat Yai. From Phuket you can take a speed boat to Krabi Town or Ao Nang. From Hat Yai you can take a bus or taxi to Krabi Town or Ao Nang.

Krabi Transportation By Train

Arrive at Hat Yai. From there, you can take a bus or taxi to Krabi Town, or Ao Nang.

Train travel in Thailand is inexpensive, so go first class. On long, or overnight rides, get a cabin.

If you can afford it, take the Eastern & Oriental Express, and enjoy a luxurious ride with impeccable service:

Krabi Transportation By Road

The first place you will arrive in Krabi Province is Krabi town.


Mini buses. If you decide to travel overland, avoid mini buses for long rides and splurge on a BIG bus; although you may not be able to avoid them on shorter trips. Mini buses are vans to which they have added a seat in the exit space, blocking exit to rear passengers. They are dangerous, claustrophobic, and hot. Even the so called air-con (air conditioned) vans provide just barely enough air to breath. You may get lucky, but most mini buses are poorly maintained.

How Is The Transportation In Krabi?

If you get dropped off at a travel agency, they will offer to book a hotel for you and maybe a free taxi ride. Unless you already have a reservation, it’s actually worth it. It’s not expensive, and the free ride is nice. The walk to town is a bit far, specially carrying luggage.

Avoid so called VIP buses. These are more often than not, scams.

The government’s bus company BKS, The Transport Company is the most reliable and trustworthy.


Remember never to sit next to a monk. Buddhist rules specify that it is an offence for a monk to touch or be touched by a woman.


Krabi Transportation is inexpensive. There are tuk tuk’s, sonthaews, taxis and boats.

Tuk-tuk. A three wheel vehicle powered by either a motorcycle or bicycle. Great for shorter distances.

Songthaew. This is basically a pick-up or similar vehicle, with bench seats and roof in the back. They are a very popular and inexpensive way to get around:

Taxi. Always agree on a price before you get in. Make sure it includes everyone in your party and any luggage.


Just because a taxi has a sign on it that says ‘metered’, it does not mean it actually has one.

Long-tail boats. They are basically water taxis, great for short distances. They run along set routes, but you can also charter one:

Speed boats are better for longer distances between islands.