How kids can make money?

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Funny caption…….but it’s real. How kids can make money online… Hey! Teens make money online nowadays. This is kids time to earn online. I chose to leave this entire page all for you and for some jealousy adult who may want to spy your info-money. <<>>

Every teen can now make quick and fast money online……unlike before when teens are advised by Dad and Mon….junior! be serious with your studies….so that you would come out from school in flying colors…get that foundation scholarship award to study medicine, law, nurse, or sociology in university…free of charge…..make a good grade to proceed to your masters and PhD and eventually become a professor….so that after your rigorous studies, you may get a good job in a big firm where you work from morning till night…..from Monday to Friday expecting for a monthly check…….or you simply become a lecturer.


Teens! This a good advice from Dad and Mon…even from your uncles. There is nothing wrong with it, but with the recent trend in economy nowadays….ushering recession, retrenchment, liquidation, consolidation, low remuneration, sack and continuous inflation….many Dad and Mum are losing their jobs very fast. This is worrisome thus making is very hard for them actualize their lofty dreams like training Tom and Gerry, Obi and Ada, Amina and Adamu to the highest point in education. Thus, their dreams crash landed……Dad and Mon are now leaving from hand to month….unable to foot their bills again and alone the line…they ended up signing up with social welfare to keep their body and soul going on.

How kids can make money?

It’s in this face of uncertainty and Dad and Mon’s inability to actualize their dreams, that teens are now asking a million dollar question: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE? They desire to earn more money and help Dad and Mon to hit their vision and leave a decent and comfortable live…a life full of bed of roses. A very good boy indeed…what a wonderful thought and a great assistance from junior!

A clear example of the desire for teens seeking money making opportunities is exemplified in the life of my little nephew by name T.J. He’s only in primary school with a great burning desire to be the next Bill Gate…..that’s always what he says….to be the next Bill gate. He doesn’t only say it for wish saying, he then went into action to realize his dream. How? He got to his school and discovered that the kids in his class love chocolate candy so much and desire eating it every break time and unfortunately, their school doesn’t sell chocolate candy……a great niche……what he did was to sale the idea to them that he will be getting chocolate candy for them in the school every day and the kids all agreed and was highly excited that every break time in the school they shall be eating chocolate candy.

My nephew T.J started collecting a dollar each from those interested and before he could come to the school the next day, he will buy and packed the chocolate candies he bought for those interested inside his school bag and come to the school and during the break time, he will start sharing it to his mates that paid him and before you can shout Bob Robinson!!!!!!!!!!, his sale has sky-rocketed……even without the knowledge of the school authority. What a smart T.J. Toady, he has open a bank account and have increased his savings. He is currently looking for more avenues to keep increasing his income drive. This is to show you that Teens are serious are making money. My Nephew has a rich parents but yet, he wants to make a name for himself. More power to your elbow!


Teens making money online is easy. Most of you have wonderful talents like composing poems and songs, reading, playing with toys, making friends, or have one talent or the other people are willing to pay and grab. Look people are using internet as a search tool in searching for credible, high-value information or solution, anything that can fulfill a wish that hold dearly or solve a troublesome problem that they are experiencing. This is where you come in to package an answer for them and make money. Research and think over such frustrations people experiences beginning from your family and to the society. Watch T.V and read newspapers to get a clue….the next thing to do, is to start working out solutions towards them. Package it in form of a e-book and sell online.

You may be someone that love making friends or at very good in promoting concept for a referral commission. For instance, if you have an idea without knowing how to promote it or have no money to pay a web designer.

Then, use ms-word and develop the idea into e-book. Save your work in your system and log google and type in “convert word into PDF”and punch search. You will then see ton of free options. Choose the best to convert your word to PDF free of charge and save your e-book in your email for easy forwarding.

The next step is to create a free digital account with any of these e-digital account like: www.e-gold.com, www.e-bullion.com or www.libertyreserve.com and paste your account number(s) on your site and leave a note that they should type in their email address on the ‘memo column’ in the designated sender order form so that you will know where to forward the e-book to, or you notify them to send their email to your box including their own email too…..immediately after sending their payment for the e-book for you to forward the book to the person after verifying his payment.

You can also use this option and resale another person product which has a re-sale right and make more money.

If you don’t like using digital currency to sell your e-book, you can use clickbank and sell your product. Here, the company will allow you accept credit card in your site so that people will comfortable use credit to buy on your site because using clickbank its’ so convenience, speedy, flexible and have a good downloadable link for the customer to use to download your product after making the payment…..without your input at all.

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