How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost?

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Swimming pool costs can vary depending on many factors. For example, if purchasing an in ground pool, you need to consider the shape and design of the pool, the time it will take to build, equipment rental, and permits.

The average in ground installation will run you about $20,000.

The cheaper cousin of the sleek and sexy in ground pool is the above ground pool. Built from a kit, you can put together an above ground swimming pool for $1000 or even less.

How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost?How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost?

Once you decide on above ground or in ground, the next factor you need to consider is energy costs. The US Department of Energy wants to help reduce those costs / pool costs.

Through the RSPEC program, the DOE provides recommendations for money-saving items, including solar-powered pool heating systems and covers.

By investigating the RSPEC fact sheets, you can save hundreds of dollars off your utility bill this summer.