How much fabric do I need for my fabric window treatments?


how do you come to the overall amount of fabric that is needed for fabric window treatments?

How much fabric do I need for my fabric window treatments?

Hi Vangleen

I will give you a quick over view.

Example window:

Width of track or pole 240cm

Length of curtain from track or pole to floor 220cm

Most fabrics come at 154cm wide. So you take the track width of 240cm and double it to allow for gathering your pencil pleat tape. Which gives us a total width of 360cm.

Next divide the new width of 480cm by the fabric width of 154cm which gives us 3.11 . This means we need 3.11 widths of fabric in the curtains. We round to the nearest figure of 3 widths. So we have 1.5 widths in each curtain.

So now we know how many widths of fabric we need, next the drop. We have a finished drop of 220cm to this we add 30cm for the bottom hem and top turnover. This is assuming the fabric is plain or a vertical stripe design. That gives us a total fabric drop of 250cm in each drop.

We now multiply this drop of 250cm by the 3 widths of fabric. This gives us a total amount of fabric required to make the pair of curtains of 750cm 0r 7.5 Meters.

For a patterned fabric you need to add on the pattern repeat to each drop (usually 25cm for patterned fabrics).