How To Approach Woman Successfully

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When was the last time you are hanging out at some bar or a club with a few buddies, knocking down a few drinks and sharing some good times, when suddenly…

This beautiful girl catches your eye and you find yourself becoming completely infatuated with her. Your buddies’ mouths are moving but you hear nothing.

You are totally in this zone where you’re watching her. Desperately wanting to move closer… But, you freeze. You can’t find the courage or the right words to make her aware that the two of you breathe the same air and co-exist on the same planet.

Even the biggest and strongest of men can easily revert back to a shy, awkward pre-pubescent teenager when approaching a pretty woman.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The truth is practically any man can learn how to comfortably approach any random beautiful woman anywhere and at any time. Just remember the acronym K.I.S.S. and Keep It Stupidly Simple.

How to Approach Woman: K.I.S.S. Technique

Approaching women is really easy and it should actually be second nature for us. We interact with women practically everyday. It may be a boss. A co-worker. The cute little goth girl that prepares your Expresso Roast that kick starts your morning.

It’s probably nothing for you to ask Edna in the mailroom if she saw the finish to last night’s big game. So, why should it be any different to converse with other women?

If you simply take away the notion that women are these mystical empowering forces that ultimately dictate our worthiness as men, essentially having us by the “balls” our entire life, you will see that talking to any woman, regardless of your attraction to them, is really no big deal.

So with this in mind, let’s go back to that pretty girl at the bar…

You could continue to stare at her intensely, believing in your heart that you are reeling her in with your seductive stare but it’s probably going unnoticed.

Either that or she’s getting creeped out, thinking you are some kind of pervert or potential stalker. Neither are any good. Sadly, even if you are George Clooney or the ghost of Carey Grant, she probably isn’t coming your way!

You could approach her and offer to buy her a drink. Maybe she’ll accept your offer but is she accepting because she’s interested in you or because she has four dollars in her purse and is banking on a gullible guy to buy her drinks all night? Who wants to be that guy?

How about this? Instead of worrying about advances, opening lines or pick-ups, talk to her no differently than any other girl that you interact with throughout the day.

How To Approach Woman Successfully

How to Approach Woman Casually.

Women are accustomed to always being on guard from the almost unintentional predatory nature of men. A mere walk down the street or one drink with their co-workers at Happy Hour could potentially bring them the undesired advances of men.

So, consider this in your approach and hit them with something different.

Go in with a friendlier approach. If she’s with friends, make sure that you include them in your initial approach as well.

Ask for an opinion regarding something completely random or casual.

Something like who is funnier…Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn? It can be anything really. From what Presidential candidate you should vote for to whether or not it’s wrong to take your married friend to a strip club.

Be confident and friendly.

Just be sure to display a confident, secure, charming personality and make plenty of subtle flirtations towards the object of your desire. Appear especially interested in her opinions. Ask her specific questions about each one of her responses. Try to sway her into a conversation.

Leave calmly if you find she doesn’t have good taste or you’re not into her.

If you’re unable to get a conversation going, not to mention a phone number or date within a reasonable amount of time, leave before you overstay your welcome. Politely thank everyone, excuse yourself back to your company and walk away. Go back to her later and tell her how much you enjoyed talking to her. Ask if she’d be interested in talking again sometime.

Now you know how to approach woman with more success. Next time you see that cute girl, go ahead and give it a try!