How to automate your site?

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That an entire website can be automated is a very attractive feature for anyone considering having an e-business.

Many websites boasts promotional images that show e-entrepreneurs enjoying life everywhere but in front of their computers. Their ad stories tout that they made $50,000 last month while spending only 3 hours a day managing their site. The rest of the day while they are busy relaxing, the site automated to run 24/7 is doing taking care of business.

The potential to spend the least effort and glean a favorable income is a reality for many savvy e-entrepreneurs. The nature of internet technology allows for every area of an e-business to, some degree, be set on automatic pilot.

Webmasters schedule sets of tasks for arbitrary times, leave it and focus on other areas of the business that may need some human input.

The presence of software that automates many tasks of an e-business is evident in the early stages. When the idea for an e-biz is still unclear, research software automatically goes out into the virtual world and discover niche market and keywords upon which to build a successful site.

When the e-entrepreneur is ready to build the site there are tools that automate this aspect of the process too. Gone are the days when a webmaster needs to know copious amounts of HTML code. HTML editors such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver have simplified that once onerous task of code writing.

How to automate your site?

Another area of e-biz that benefits from automation is the monetization aspect. Whether credit card processing, affiliate linking and sales reporting, pay pal or pay per click (PPC), or e book downloads and sales- these are all automated to some degree.

Search engine optimization is as important as it is time consuming. Without the capability to automate various search engine optimization tasks (SEO) it would be near impossible to perform on and off page optimization techniques cost-effectively. Newsletters, link campaigns, META tags; article, directory and search engine submissions are much more effective and efficient when automated.

Site audits and analytics involve many site maintainence tasks. Automatic responders, emails, newsletters, traffic analysis, historical updates, site positions and page rank are just some of the tasks that, with a click of the mouse, are often automated.