How To Avodi Gardening Mistakes?

No matter what your level of gardening experience there will be the occasional mistakes or unexpected disappointments. You hate to go through this because it cost time and money but experience is a great teacher. Some of the more common gardening mistakes include the following:

[1] Plant Selection:

This seems like an easy one but it’s very important. You’ll choose different plants depending on your yard conditions and the climate in your region.

Yard Conditions: Some of the things to consider in your yard are:

  • Shade versus Sun
  • Wet versus Dry
  • Micro environments
  • Spacing & Layout Designs

Regional Climates: Where you live dictates what plants will grow best. Some plants do well in warmer climates but suffer in colder climates. Referencing the Growing Zones Maps before you choose plants is wise.

How To Avodi Gardening Mistakes?

Non-Native Species: It is easy to grow native plants because they are already accustomed to the local environmental conditions. On the other hand buying plants that are not from the local region presents extra challenges because you have to overcome what’s missing or different from their native region.

[2] Plant Placement:

The depth you plant is important. If it’s too deep or too high your plants can have problems. This is especially important when planting trees and shrubs where gardeners routinely plant the too deep or too shallow.

Transplanting: It is easy to get careless when transplanting trees and shrubs. Recovery time for balled & burlapped plants is 1-10 years before the severed root system is fully regenerated.

[3] Soil Preparation:

Properly preparing the soil is important. To really do this right you need to know what the make-up of your soil is. It is a mistake to fertilize and lime your soils without knowing the needed amounts. Another error is removing organic materials such as leaves & grass clippings without replacing with another organic supplement.

Mulching / Fertilizing: More is not always better and often it makes things worse. Take time to learn the nutrient needs of your plants as well as the differences in various kinds of fertilizers.

[4] Pesticides:

The biggest problem is using pesticides without reading the labels completely. This leads to misuse including the wrong spray for the wrong plants. Overuse can also be an issue and can lead to killing the good insects without getting rid of the bad ones. Less than 5% of insects are true pest to your garden so killing everything that moves is not the right answer.

[5] Pruning / Shearing:

Over pruning can kill your plants & trees or substantially retard their growth. Some of the issues include: (1) Pruning tree & shrub limbs to close; (2) Removing leaves from flowering bulbs before they have yellowed.

[6] Watering & Irrigation:

It is generally bad to water in the late afternoon or early evening versus early morning. Another mistake is frequent shallow watering instead of less frequent deep watering. Over watering is another mistakes that can kill your trees, plants and shrubs.

[7] Invasive Plants:

Check to make sure the great looking plant you are planting is not overly invasive. Very invasive plants can grow and spread well beyond your intended boundaries and create big headaches.

[8] Weeding / Negligence:

Usually neglecting your garden because you are busy translates into uncontrolled weeds taking over your wanted plants. A little maintenance along the way adds up to a lot of weed prevention.

There are of course a multitude of potential mistakes in gardening. Experience, patience, and the love of growing things drives you to keep improving and learning.