How to Avoid Replica Watches and Get the Real Deal?

It is estimated that there are between 30 to 40 million replica watches produced every year.

For the past two decades, there has been a growing amount of counterfeit watches circulating on the market. They are illegal, often very low quality and cause substantial losses to the watch making industry.

In this section, I will explain about the background of the two types of counterfeit watches, and how to avoid being cheated into buying them.

Replica Types

Trademark Infringement
This type of violation includes cheap timekeeping reproductions featuring the name of a prominent brand, but lacking the same design and functions on a particular model.

Trade Dress or Design Infringement
This group involves in the design of counterfeit watches bearing resemblance to the original. Sometimes, higher priced replicas are manufactered from better quality materials and have certain features such as leather straps.

Replica Characteristics

In todays market, the difficulty of spotting visible differences between high quality counterfeit watches combined with clever marketing, has made it almost impossible for consumers and even specialists to determine the authenticity of the timepiece.

However, if you really know your watches, there are sometimes common giveaways such as the the engravement of the Rolex logo, design or name on the outside of the caseback which many replicas have featured, but genuine mens Rolex watches doesn’t incorporate this.

How to Avoid Replica Watches and Get the Real Deal?

Nonetheless, for the average consumer noticing this would be very unlikely. Hallmarks can also be forged which may lead a buyer into thinking that a timepiece is real gold when infact it may only be either a much thinner plated counterfeit.

Replica watches considerably differ in quality but most of them can fit into one of either three catergories.

They usually incorporate the same materials as the originals (replica Swiss movement, sapphire glass front casing etc.) and includes the exact same marking and details.

Most of the time they are sold for a fraction of the price of the originals, but it doesn’t neccessarily mean they are poorly made, as labour is cheaper the far-east where most of them are produced and the real brands tend to have huge mark ups on their watches.

Features cheaper materials such as mineral glass and low quality quartz movement. Contains some differences, notably bad markings the wrong dial layout.

The most ugly side of fake watches doesn’t disguise itself very well, as markings are misspelled and are badly constructed with very poor materials. More than likely, you’ll be able to identify it as being fake.

How to Avoid Replica Watches

It has become very difficult to identify well made counterfeit watches, but with these tips you can avoid being another statistic of the many people who get tricked into buying fake watches.

  • Avoid Auction Websites. It is estimated that around 90% of the major branded watches on auction websites such as Ebay are fake. Most dealers on Ebay will not give you warranty, so if you intend to spend a lot of money on an original, don’t take the risk.
  • Deal with Authorised Dealers. Most of the time, watch manufacterers only supply major jewelerry outlets which many of them have online stores such as Goldsmiths. It is very unlikely that you will find a genuine Rolex watch at a market.
  • Get the Paperwork. If you do have to purchase from an auction website or any other unauthorised dealer, make sure you the right paperwork including the guarantee, it must be stamped by an authorised dealer, otherwise it is most probably fake.
  • Get the Serial Numbers. Same situation as the paperwork, if you cannot get the serial number which provides details of the watches service history and verification, then it is not wise to purchase.

With the illegal counterfeit watch trade running rampant, it is very difficult to obtain a 100% genuine timepiece without following the correct procedures. If you take pride in your jewelerry and do want to purchase the real deal, please avoid going for something that is too good to be true and instead, take no risks and go to an authorised dealer.