How to be more romantic in the bedroom?

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Your bedroom is a shared space that needs to suit you both so avoid the frills and ruffles in your quest to provide the perfect setting.

A great starting point is to consider the five senses.

  • Soft lighting is a great starting point for setting a romantic mood.
  • Use low watt bulbs for ambience.
  • Install dimmer switches on your lights if your budget stretches that far.
  • Candles are cheap and effective mood lighting. Mix and match to create a romantic setting.
  • Soft muted colours work well to set a romantic backdrop.
  • Invest in the best mattress you can afford.
  • Use a feather top mattress cover for extra comfort.
  • Buy high thread count linens.
  • Have soft blankets and plush pillows.
  • Make sure the floor is comfy under bare feet.
  • Use scented candles.
  • Linen room sprays lend an exotic air.
  • Invest in a small stereo and some romantic cds.
  • Hang curtains and blinds to keep outside sounds at bay.
  • A romantic bedroom is not the place for a tv.
  • I’ll leave that up to your own creativity.

    Also consider including the principals of feng shui to give your romantic setting a boost.

    How to be more romantic in the bedroom?

    Bedroom Agreements

  • Agree to keep your bedroom clean and tidy–all the time.
  • Agree that there will be no computer or tv on display in the bedroom.
  • Agree not to argue in your bedroom.
  • Agree on your own personal rules. It’s worth discussing these and reaching a decision that you both can live with in the interests of your romantic future.

    Create Your Romantic Space

    The best place to start is with the basics when creating your romantic haven and this is often what needs to be done and how much you’ve got to spend.

    If your budget is tight, then some new linen, a couple of fluffy pillows and the addition of some candles might be all that is needed to make a romantic bedroom.

    If you are thinking of some bigger changes then this is the chance to flex your decorating muscle.

    You can choose new carpet or rugs, paint the wall and install curtains and blockout blinds. If your budget stretches far enough for a new bed, then jazz it up with some classy new linens and different shaped pillows.

    Incorporate a sitting area in your decorating plans as a great place to eat a shared breakfast.