How To Build a Recumbent Bicycle Without Welding?

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This is unique in that you can build a recumbent bicycle WITHOUT WELDING/brazing. I stumbled across this little gem on the bent rider’s forum.

You do this buy taking a pre-existing y-frame mountain bike and adding a Cruzbike’s front triangulated fork. This converts your mountain bike into a front wheel drive, recumbent bicycle high racer!

I’ve spoken with John from Cruzbike via email on several occasions. Even though he is on the other side of the world he still manages to answer emails within a few hours. Here are John’s thoughts

Advantages in Touring Are

No chain to interfere with panniers, [which leaves a lot less for you to worry about.]

You can add considerable weight below the seat and between the wheels to give very good weight distribution – the fully loaded Cruzbike with rider should have almost exactly 50-50 weight distribution between the wheels. [This is great for technical descents where you're going down hill at 45+ mph (72+ kph).

How To Build a Recumbent Bicycle Without Welding?

You don't have to worry about the rear end fish tailing around a sharp curve or the front end pushing, rather the the front wheel doesn't turn. It just starts sliding. You can end up wrapped a round a telephone pole! In other words, you'll be safe with a Cruzbike recumbent bicycle]

For stretches on trains, the swivel nose can be swung to the right all the way around, tucking the greasy chain safely under the seat where no one will get dirty from it and shortening the wheel base by another 3 to 4 inches. [You wont take up much space at all on trains, buses, and airplanes. So, transportation will be much easier.]

All the running gear is interchangeable with standard mountain bikes, so replacing worn parts is dead easy, pretty well anywhere.

High pressure 26″ tyres combined with dual suspension give a quick, smooth and very comfortable ride. [No more pain, it's the end of RECUMBUTT!]

An upgrade will come through later in the year, which can be retrofitted, to allow the running gear from a racing bike: chainwheel, cranks, 700c wheels etc. Again, maintaining this running gear will be possible in just about any LBS you happen across. [You'll be fast as all get out!] .

Front Wheel Drive Bracket is built from ball bearing MTB swing arm pivots and should never need replacement. [That's great for long cross country tours: no need to worry about the front fork falling apart!]

You can ride no hands (but do this only on smooth road surfaces) which is handy for adjusting your helmet, getting your camera out, putting on sunscreen, peeling a banana…

How To Build a Recumbent Bicycle Without Welding?

The ride height puts you eye to eye with car drivers. [Most bents are lower to the ground and can be hard for other drivers to see you. Once again, you'll be safer on this recumbent bicycle.]

Pulling up a hill is made easier by the ability to lever against the handlebars. [Many traditional cyclists climb hills by standing up on the pedals and pulling up on the handle bars. With a recumbent bicycle this is impossible. So, Cruzbike has fixed the problem! You can now get the same type leverage you could with a traditional diamond frame bike]


In short, this is the most worry free way to get a recumbent bicycle.

A few days ago I was at a police auction on the university campus. They hand about 100 to 150 bicycles to auction off. Some were pieces of junk. Others were crown jewels waiting to be resurrected. There were many y-framed bikes that would have been perfect for Cruzbike concept. I even saw some $300+ bikes go for just $30!!

Cruzbike’s kit costs $350 US Dollars. Imagine $30 for a bike, $350 for the kit and you’ve got a bent. You can’t find a recumbent bicyle for less than $400. Even used bents can cost upward of a $1,000. This is great value. Check’em out: