How To Build Your Own Hot Tub? – Nothing Easier!

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While hot tubs become more and more popular and sophisticated their prices go higher and higher (even a wood 7 persons hot tub is more than $5000).

So if your budget is limited or you really want to build your own hot tub for fun this is a starter for your journey.

First of all you need to know what are the elements of a hot tub, so we have: a tub (heat resistant), a heater (electric or gas), air pump and pvc pipes. The container can be made of wood, plastic or stainless steel.

You must take care that wood has special needs (they must be furnished to stop rotting) and some plastics are not high temperature resistant so they may bend or even melt.

Another thing to calculate about your hot tub container is its weight; you must know if your floor and container can hold that much weigh.

How To Build Your Own Hot Tub?   Nothing Easier!How To Build Your Own Hot Tub?   Nothing Easier!

The next step is to find yourself a heater and this is maybe the hardest thing to find when you’re building your own hot tub.

Basically there are two options either gas heaters or electric heaters or a reused water heater mechanism (some people used coffee filters to heat the water in two days).

You must be very careful with electricity near water because it is most dangerous. Don’t forget to calculate the energy consumption of your heater as some electric heaters really make a big hole in one’s budget (try to use gas heaters, their not so expensive).

The last step into building your own hot tub is to get yourself some bubbles. This is easily done with an air pump and a few pipes. Just connect the output of your air pump at ten little pipes that go into your hot tub and start the pump.

If your tub holds two or three persons you can even try an air pump for aquariums as a cheaper alternative to air pumps. It’s not hard at all to build a hot tub.