How to buy an electric scooter?

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Congratulations! You’re going electric to save the planet.

Or maybe you just want to experience the exhilirating feeling and freedom that comes with riding an electric scooter.

How to buy an electric scooter?

Either way, read on and we’ll point you in the right direction, so you can make an informed choice about which electric scooter is the one for you.

Take your time and read through the explanation of some important electric scooter terminology.

This will give you the confidence to buy an electric scooter that’s suitable for your needs.

Scooter Terminology


This is one of the most important factors to consider when you buy an electric scooter.

The output, or power of a motor is measured in watts. More watts….More power.

If the scooter is for a youngster, a 100watt rated scooter can be quite adequate if it is ridden on an even, flat surface.

It would be no good at all for an adult, or a hilly area–the motor would burn out in no time.

A 300watt motor or above would be more suitable for heavier riders or hilly terrain.

A controller regulates the power given to the motor and the more expensive models will have an automatic shut off if the motor begins to over heat.

The motor drives the scooter by a belt or chain. Chain drives are more rugged and are best for riding off road.

Belt drives are very efficient and ideal for normal road surfaces.

How to buy an electric scooter?

Direct drive systems connect directly to the rear wheels. Normally the motor is sealed and is much less likely to be affected by mud and rain.

Heinzmann make an excellent hub motor but these are usually found on electric bikes.

Batteries and Chargers

The battery is the heart of your scooter.

Sealed lead acid or gell cell batteries power the motor in the electric scooter. Some models have 1 to 3 battery packs depending on how much power needs to be delivered to the motor. These sealed batteries are safe and maintenance free.

Some batteries can be recharged up to 400 times, some more. It all depends on the type and how you treat them. Try not to drain the battery completely and always recharge after use.

Electric scooters come complete with chargers. Recharging times can vary between 2-8 hours depending on the state of the battery and how discharged it is.

Fast chargers can be bought that charge in half the time, or a spare set of batteries is agood idea. You can charge one set while using the others. This is only possible when the power packs can be removed from the scooter to be recharged.

Speed and Range

When you buy an electric scooter remember the speed and range is dependent on several elements.

  • * Battery power level
  • * Terrain
  • * Weight of rider
  • * Temperature
  • * Wind direction
  • * Motor power

All these things can affect the performance of an electric scooter.

Beware of figures quoted by the manufacturers, when you buy an electric scooter, about speed and range. They are usually for optimum conditions eg. favourable weather and flat terrain.

Some scooters will reach quite high speeds, but these are the more expensive models like the Badsey.

How to buy an electric scooter?


The most popular types are drum, disc and caliper. The more expensive scooters have both front and rear brakes but the cheaper and slower models may be restricted to a rear or front brake only.

Regenerative braking is a system that changes the motor into a generator when the throttle is released and power is directed back into the batteries to give the scooter a longer range.

Although this system works to a point, don’t expect it to make a great deal of difference to the distance you can travel.

Frame and Body

The main construction of the scooter will be made of steel or aluminium, with a slip proof deck for standing on. Avoid plastic decks and bodies that can easily become cracked and damaged at the slightest accident.

Wheels and Tires

Electric scooters have various types of tires and wheels. Pneumatic tires-air filled, give the comfiest ride. Larger wheels are best for stability, more control and riding on uneven ground. Badsey scooters have wide go-cart style wheels.


If you buy an electric scooter with suspension, the overall feel, comfort and handling will be noticeably improved.

As in any vehicle, the suspension keeps the wheels in contact with the road if you travel over any uneven surfaces.

The more sophisticated the suspension, the more you will have to pay for the scooter. Rear wheel, front wheel, or full suspension models are all available.


A child’s first low speed electric scooter can be bought quite cheaply for around $100 or less. Teenage and adult scooters can cost anything from $300-$3000.

Quality branded scooters from reputable dealers are always the best bet. You can be sure of a good after sales service and that spare parts for your model will be available should you need any.

Many of the cheaper scooters on offer are sold off the shelf for the dealer to make a quick dollar and you will struggle to get any replacement parts.

Look also for a good warranty. Quality electric scooters will always have one. You can often extend the terms for an extra payment.

Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for, so make sure the specifications of the scooter are what you need.

Just a note on the legal issues. Before you buy an electric scooter, check with your local licensing department to see where you are allowed to ride. The larger road legal electric motor scooters may need a licence dpending on which country or state you live in.

Always wear a safety helmet.

So now you know the important issues to look for if you decide to buy an electric scooter.

Read through the site to discover the different styles and make your choice.

If you decide to drive electric, you’ve made a wise choice, for yourself and the environment.