How To Calculate Texas Holdem Poker Odds?

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Pot odds are the single most important math concept you need to learn to become a winning poker player.

Don’t worry if you’re not a math genius because calculating Texas Holdem pot odds is quite simple.

Take the amount of money currently in the pot and divide that by how much you’ll need to put in to make the call. Compare that number to the odds of making your hand.

If the odds the pot are offering you, are better than your hand odds, you play.


Let say you have four cards to a flush after the turn. There is $100 in the pot and you need to call a $10 bet to see the river card. You are getting 100-10 or 10-1 pot odds.

There are two suited cards in your hand and two more on the board(the face up cards on the table). This leaves 9 cards of your suit left in the deck of 46 unseen cards.

There are 9 cards left that will make your flush and 37 that will not. 37 plus 9 equals the 46 unseen cards.

How To Calculate Texas Holdem Poker Odds?

So the odds of making your flush with one card to come are about 4-1. 37-9 is equal to about 4-1.

Are you with me so far?

You are getting a chance to win ten times your money on a 4-1 shot, this is a very profitable play for you and an easy call.

This bring’s up another important poker math concept, implied odds.

Implied odds are an educated guess of how much you will win if you successfully make a drawing hand. In the above example, how much money is likely to go into the pot after the river?

What if the board is paired giving an opponent a possible full-house that would beat your flush even if you do hit it?

You’ll need to factor in these type of scenarios when deciding whether to make the call, or not.

You can’t play winning poker by a system of strict rules and math calculations. There are just to many variables you can never be sure about and sometimes you’re just going to have to make your best guess.

Pot odds are the single most important math concept you need to learn to become a winning Texas Holdem player and most of the time you should rely heavily on them when deciding your best move.