How to choose a puppy that’s right for YOU?

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Choosing a puppy or dog is one of the most important decisions you will make as a pet owner. Depending on the breed you will be caring for your puppy for 10 years or more. To make this relationship as pleasurable as possible you should spend some time evaluating your life and what your expectations are for your puppy.

What’s Your Situation?

By following some basic guidelines you can choose the puppy or dog that is perfect for your specific situation. Things to consider include:

• Do you live in the city or country

• How often is someone home with the dog

• Will the dog sleep indoors or outdoors

• How much money are you willing to spend to purchase a puppy and how   much to care for the pup

• How much grooming are you prepared to do

• Will you be traveling with the puppy

The answers to these questions can help determine which dog breed will fit your lifestyle best.

What you Expect from Your Puppy

Other things to consider relate to what you want out of the dog.

• Basic companionship

• Breeding

• Hunting

• Dog Shows

• Guard Dog

The AKC recognizes 130 different dog breeds. Each breed has specific attributes. Knowing these traits can help you in determining which dog or puppy is right for you. However, within each puppy litter there are vast personality differences.

How to choose a puppy thats right for YOU?

If you are choosing a puppy from a mixed breed litter, personality traits will be very difficult to determine. In order to figure out which puppy is the right choice for your family there are some basic puppy tests you can perform.

Choosing a puppy is easy if you’re honest with yourself. If you’re someone that doesn’t go outside much, more of a couch potato, you don’t want a high energy dog that needs a lot of daily outside exercise. If you live in a small space or an apartment you may not want a large dog that sheds a lot.

Basically, use your common sense. All puppies are cute, but puppies grow into adults very quickly. Do your homework. You need to know what’s in store when your dog is fully grown. Some common sense now will save you heart ache and frustration later.

Take a look at the parents of the litter, chances are your puppy will grow up to the same size. How much do they shed? How long is the coat? How big or small are they. Individual puppy personalities are more difficult to assess but puppy dimensions are simply a matter of common sense.

If you are choosing a puppy from a litter, be sure that you don’t take the little ball of energy home with you until they are at least 7 weeks old. If you do, your puppy will miss out on vital socialization phases. This will make things difficult for you and your dog. Be patient, you have a whole lifetime together; don’t blow it before it starts.

Choosing a healthy happy puppy should be a fun experience. Take your time and make your choice the best choice.