How to choose a water filter?

If you are going hiking you are going to need a water filter. Keeping hydrated while you are hiking is very important. Having bacteria free drinking water is equally important!

Just because you have found a crystal clear, mountain stream DOES NOT automatically mean it is okay to drink! If you take the risk and ingest one of the many, nasty bacteria strains that can contaminate the water, you are going to be sorry! You better have some extra T.P. in your pack. Let’s face it, no one want to get diarrhea out on the trail. Avoid this problem by making sure your water is purified.

There are a few different ways you can purify your drinking water. You could boil it, treat it with chemicals or, filter it. Now I have personally used the last two methods and treating my mountain stream water with chemicals kinda defeated the whole ‘mountain fresh’ thing! Yeah, my water was safe but it tasted, well, like chemicals. The water filter is the best, most efficient, way of making sure your water is drinkable.

There are many different options when selecting a filter. From my personal experience having a filter that purifies water FAST is probably the number one consideration. Sitting down by the river, slowly filling your water bottle while everyone is waiting for you can be a pain in the butt.

How to choose a water filter?

Consider ease of use and filter changing. Is it easily serviced on the trail? Does it have too many intricate parts? Is there a repair kit available? We all know, things happen when we least expect them too. I have a repair kit for my water filter. It’s an important thing to consider. Especially if you are going for an extended period of time.