How To Choose Silk Ties Of Impeccable Taste?

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Choosing silk ties is not always as simple as it first appears choosing the right or wrong tie will say a lot about you and the message you present.

In today’s world of cheap mass produced products quality and style has often been the victim and men’s apparel is no exception. Having said that you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices to get quality and style at a fair price that is justifiable.

In a world where anything now goes in terms of tailored clothes and looks, these ties certainly anchor you squarely in the realm of tastefulness. In fact, sporting a Classico silk tie would identify you as a person of Tasteful Stylish dress.

There are many choices for quality mens silk ties but the selection from Classico certainly ranks amongst the best.

Classico ties are luscious, the silk is a tactile treat for the fingers and mates perfectly with quality tailored shirts and suit fabrics.

What’s the difference between Chinese silk and that of other countries?

Chinese silk tends to be soft, smooth and satiny with a rich luster that accentuates colors when it is dyed. Chinese silk is often regarded as possibly the best silk for the making of ties because when woven gives each tie a magnificent luster and texture which will last for many years with a little care.

How To Choose Silk Ties Of Impeccable Taste?

Indian silk tends to be softer but more crinkly and uses richer colors.

Italian silk tends to strive for a refined and elegant look but this can easily be accomplished anywhere using mechanized weaving.

Thai silk is usually soft but has a relatively coarse texture with uneven, slightly knotty threads. This quality makes it extremely suitable for weaving by hand. Thai silk has a magnificent, rich, exotic beauty.

A Classico tie starts its life when we purchase only the finest Chinese raw silk which despite all the claims to the contrary is still a superior quality and has had decades to prove itself. Once the silk is delivered it is reeled and bleached ready for our dye house.

Then based on the dictates of the European fashion houses and tailors the silk is dyed and woven on our looms into the latest colors, fabric styles and patterns from across the world.

As hand woven silk has stubs and irregularities ( sometimes said to be the charm of the fabric)many designers feel that this can detract from the ties finish our fabrics are machine woven guaranteeing the quality, consistency and lustre of the finished fabric.