How to choose the best meditation music?

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Music listened while meditating can either inhibit or expand our consciousness, depending on the selection that we make.The music we use for meditation is as much about personal choice as anything else.

I personally believe that the music should be simple and soothing. I like very much the meditation music based on nature sounds like the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Or, if you like jazz, you might choose music with gentle piano and saxophone rhythms.

Also the sound of rainfall or the buzzing of bees or the sound of the breeze on the leaves of the trees are very relaxing.

There are also instruments that tend to induce meditative states like the tamboura,the tibetan singing bowl, the flute, the harp and the sitar.

I think that classical music should be used as soothing music for meditation only by those who really appreciate and enjoy it.

In general we can say that piano music sounds more relaxing. Music played with a full orchestra sounds more exciting and upbeat.

Basically, if you are looking to create a specific atmosphere, the tempo of the music should match the mood that you are trying to bring about. For example, upbeat and catchy tunes are most appropriate for the workplace or in other situations where you need to stay awake and focused.

Remember, meditation is a personal journey and it is up to you to choose which tools you are going to take along.

Not all meditators aim at the same goals. Different music is best for different types of meditators because not all kinds of music produce the same efects on different persons. For this reason the music you choose is a very personal matter and depends on your likes and dislikes.

How to choose the best meditation music?

Some people maintain that listening to different kinds of music during meditation can broaden the meditative experience, and even broaden the very definition of the meditative experience itself. But I insist that the basic consideration for choosing music for meditation should be the effect that it produces on the person who is meditating : a soothing and calming effect. For this reason I do not recommend national anthems nor marching bands, nor ethnic music and definitely not heavy metal. I think that these different kinds of musics have an upbeat and exciting tempo that hinders the meditation purpose.

Music may distract from or enhance the meditation experience depending on the type you choose to meditate with. Definitely any music which you don’t enjoy will just distract you rather than help your meditative state.

For meditation music, a compilation of soothing tones and sounds will take you where you need to go. You really can’t go wrong with sounds that are peaceful, relaxing and tranquil.