How to choose the correct size of ugg boots?

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Ugg boots are made from 100% natural sheepskin which has many wonderful properties – especially where your feet are concerned!

Designed to be worn with bare feet, the sheepskin acts as a natural thermostatic controller, allowing air to circulate freely around your foot whilst at the same time wicking away perspiration to ensure that your feet stay warm and dry (and fragrant!). The wool fibres are such an effective insulator and air conditioner that your ugg boots will keep your feet at body temperature even down to -30F or up to 80F.

When new your ugg boots will feel quite snug but don’t worry because the sheepskin will give slightly with wear. The inside of the boot will bed down during the first few wears and they will mould to the shape of your foot offering excellent comfort and support.

(I hate to go barefoot because I can’t stand smelly feet or shoes but even I have been converted by my lovely snug uggs – real sheepskin boots will not make your feet smell!)

How to choose the correct size of ugg boots?

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