How to Choose the Right Diet Plan or Weight Loss Program

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You want to lose weight. You’ve been trying to lose those ‘love handles’ for a long time but you’ve already tried every diet, pill and exercise equipment and yet the pounds are not budging! You know what? If you focus, do your homework and really select a diet plan or weight loss program that will work for you, you can get the results that you are looking for.

We are all different. We don’t have the same gender, age, body type, level of activity – we may not even have the same weight loss goals so it is really not hard to imagine that some diet may not be working for you.

For instance, as part of her diet regimen, Oprah Winfrey swears to not eating past 7:30 PM. Let’s say your work involves the night shift or you are highly athletic and thus NEED to eat well during night times. Don’t you think that there is a plan that includes eating past 7:30 PM that will work for you? So before you start trying to find the best (or latest) diet plan or weight loss program out there, take a good look at your lifestyle and your personal weight loss goals instead of the latest fad diet.

 How to Choose the Right Diet Plan or Weight Loss Program

Diet Plan and Weight Loss Program Questions You Need To Ask

This time around, don’t just go with the diet plan and weight loss program followed by your favorite celebrity or the one that has the most ads on TV. Be a bit more meticulous in your selection process – commit to learning what will really get you results.

1. Is there anybody I know who has effectively lost weight? Look around you at work or at home. Is there anybody who was once overweight but now looks great? Many people can lose weight over the short term – so make sure that they have kept the weight off for a while. If so, don’t be shy in asking about them about their diet plan and weight loss program. Again, don’t just adapt the same program. Rather, take a look at and discuss the good points and bad points of the program and then decide if it’s for you.

2. Is the Diet Plan or weight loss program geared towards lifestyle changes? There are NO shortcuts to effectively losing weight so don’t go for ‘quick fixes’ or those ‘no exercise, no dieting weight loss programs’. A great weight loss program is one that helps you unlearn bad eating habits (e.g., eating cookies just before you sleep) and encourages daily activity (beyond getting up and reaching for the remote control).

3. How does the weight loss program support your weight loss efforts? Any good weight loss regimen should provide you with a good support system. Health behavior change researchers call this “social support” and it’s proven to be effective at helping people change their habits. This support may come in the form of online support groups, phone or email coaching, a committed workout partner, a community fitness newsletter, or 1-1 coaching from a certified personal trainer.

4. Am I near a good gym or fitness center? As mentioned above, effective weight loss programs promote regular exercise. As such, it is wise to check out your local gym or fitness center and find out if they are properly equipped and if they are staffed with people truly knowledgeable in helping you lose weight. You should be able to distinguish between establishments that are just there for your membership fees and those that really want to help people lose weight.

5. How does the diet plan or weight loss program enable you to monitor progress? The goal is not just to lose weight but to keep it off. As such, your weight loss program should provide you with the tools to monitor your progress. These tools can be in the form of health or physical tests, regular weight monitoring, or even check ups by a doctor or consultation sessions with a nutritionist.

For some ready made forms you can use to monitor your progress check out the resources available to you on this site.

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Choosing the right diet plan and weight loss program for you is important. So do take the time to properly evaluate the options you see around you.