How to choose the right dining room curtains?

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It used to be that dining room curtains were formal affairs in keeping with a room that was only used on a Sunday or when guests were invited. Now that has largely changed the dining room is more of a multi functioning room. Once it was always a completely separate room near to the kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen/diners

Now in most modern homes the dining room is more an extension of the kitchen. Often with patio door drapes or french door window treatments leading in to the garden. So dining window curtains have evolved as well. Where they used to be large heavy drapes with a top treatment such as a valance or swags.

Contemporary curtains

Today it is more likely to be a modern contemporary window treatment. Blinds are used as much as curtains now in dining rooms. Wood venetians and roller blinds, but brightly colored print curtains are very popular with coordinating table runners and dining chair covers. If using patio door curtains just make sure they are wide enough and long enough.

How to choose the right dining room curtains?

Contemporary Nickel metal rods are a great way to hang these curtains. The metal rods can co-ordinate with all the other metal features in the dining/kitchen area. Such as sink taps and cupboard handles and light switches and plug sockets.

Traditional curtains

If your taste is on the traditional side then go with bright colorful dining curtains and accessories. Maybe take a look at some French country curtains or French lace curtains Then hang your curtains from decorative wooden rods that match the other wooden furniture in the room. The likes of the dining table and chairs, also the kitchen cupboard units or maybe a country dresser.

The only thing to consider is the kitchen window, If you are choosing to dress this window differently make sure that the dining window curtains sit well with the kitchen window treatment.