How to Color your Concrete?

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Concrete stain, dying, coloring, tinting are all relatively simple ways to change the existing concrete from gray to whatever color you choose.

Always remember when dealing with concrete as a DIY’er always consult a Professional If you feel the project is too much to handle. It is always a good idea to get help if needed, as the cost of redoing the work will far outweigh the cost of hiring help.

There are three methods of Coloring you concrete.

Method 1Chemical Stain. This method is maybe the most commonly known method called acid staining.

Acid staining uses chemicals such as Hydrochloric acid, Iron chloride and sodium bicarbonate to react with the concrete to produce color.

How to Color your Concrete?

The chemicals react with lime inside the cement to produce a variety of colors, hues and tones.

This is the most hazardous use of coloring due to the chemicals used. Please when using acid stain always wear breathing and safety equipment.

Method 2Acrylic Stain. With this method you use Acrylic stains to create the look that is desired. It is far more simple than the above Method 1 (Chemical Stain) and a lot safer.