How To Control The Mile-a-Minute Weed?

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Biological Controls:

In China there are 100 insect species that appear to feed off the weed in some form and may hold some sort of biological control promise in others countries. It’s important to gain control since mile-a-minute can grow up to 6 inches per day and take over vegetation blocking sunlight and killing what’s under it. Thickets of mile-a-minute can reduce plant diversity in natural areas and substantially degrade wildlife habitats.

Spreading Mechanisms:

This weed spreads via birds and waterways with birds eating the fleshy berries and spreading the sees in their droppings. The berries float thereby helping to spread it along streams and rivers.

How To Control The Mile a Minute Weed?


Hand-pulling is useful and is best done before the seeds set. It is easiest to when the plants are relatively young before they have developed into intertwining thickets with barbs. If pulling mature mile-a-minute weeds use heavy duty gloves to prevent injury. You can also mow or cut repeatedly during growing season for maintenance control.


For large and out of control infestations mile-a-minute weed may need to be contolled chemically. An application of a glysophate-based herbicide is a practical method for getting rid of the weed. This is a non-specific herbicide so avoid over-spraying or you’ll kill all other vegetation it comes in contact with as well. Always follow the herbicide instructions and apply responsibly.