How To Cope With Pet Loss?

Coping with pet loss, regardless of how you lose your pet, is never easy.

If your pet has gone through a long illness, you suddenly go from spending a great deal of time caring for your pet and worrying about your pet to a large empty space. In some ways, this may be a relief; in other ways, it is a huge disruption to your routine. You may even feel a huge sense of guilt that you didn’t do enough for your pet, or that you’re no longer burdened by caring for your pet through its illness.

If your pet passes away suddenly, you are left with a huge hole in your life and in your heart with no warning – coping with pet loss at this time can be so difficult. You haven’t had time to anticipate or adjust to anything and it is a huge shock. Again, feelings of guilt or anger could surface, specially if your pet died in a tragic way, and leave you in real emotional turmoil. Coping with pet loss in this situation is probably the hardest of all.

If your pet simply wanders away or bolted through fear and you’ve not been able to find him, you will have problems coping with pet loss because of the lack of closure. Feelings of anger, guilt and frustration can be very, very strong – in fact, sometimes even more upsetting than bereavement simply because of the lack of closure.

How To Cope With Pet Loss?

The grieving process in all these cases is exactly similar in some ways, but hugely different in others. I sincerely hope reading through our personal experiences help you in some small way towards coping with pet loss.