How To Create A Life Abundance Through Affirmations?

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One of the best tools for Creating Life Abundance is abundance affirmations.

When you use abundance affirmations, you empower yourself on multiple levels. By using affirmations to create positive habitual thought patterns in your conscious mind, you communicate your desires to your subconscious mind, which then goes to work to bring you what you desire.

An affirmation, like anything else, is a form of energy.

As you know, the entire universe consists of energy, vibrating at different frequencies – I call it “Infinite Energy“. Infinite Energy is completely interconnected; it is everything. It includes your “inner world” – thoughts, feelings and consciousness – as well as your “outer world” – all material things and events in your experience. No matter what, the energy is connected; the only difference from one thing to another is the frequency at which it vibrates. Your subconscious mind carries a powerful energetic signal to Infinite Energy; it plays a vital part in the creative process.

The abundance affirmation order…

Energetically, when you use abundance affirmations as part of the creative process the order looks like this:

Affirmations – Conscious thought (conscious mind) -
Subconscious thought (subconscious mind) -
Communication with Infinite Energy -
Creation of what was affirmed

It’s a logical process, but here is one important point to consider:

Affirmations can be negative as well as positive.

When you first start raising your state of consciousness and Creating Life Abundance, you will start to notice your thoughts. If you’re like most of us, you will find that your mind spends much of its time chattering and giving an ongoing running commentary on your life! Picture this: you’re sitting in your car at a stoplight. The light turns green; here we go. “Okay the light’s green… and we’re off – wait – is that guy going to step off the curb?

How To Create A Life Abundance Through Affirmations?

No, he didn’t. That would have been stupid… but that didn’t stop that kid from doing it yesterday. Okay, now we’re moving. Come on lady, it’s the pedal on the right! Jeez, I can’t believe how slow she is. Oh, look – they’re opening another fast food restaurant there. Another artery-clogger for the masses. Oriental carpets… that’s a cool store. Wow, they’re gorgeous – I want one! I wonder if – HEY! Way to cut me off, buddy. Next time try signaling first. Now, where were we? Oh, the carpets – wait – babe alert! Wow! Yeah, shake it baby – ha ha! Whoops – cyclist. I don’t know how she does that, the traffic’s awful and it’s so hot out today. Oh well, to each her own. Oh, I need to pick up some groceries today…”

At that point, your mind has had about 20 more or less useless thoughts… and you’ve driven a few hundred feet. This example may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. Take a meditative approach one day, sit quietly and observe your thoughts for a few minutes, without judgment… you’ll probably be surprised at how noisy your mind is. Most sources state that the average person has 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day.

Mind blabber

You see, the mind likes to keep itself occupied. It does so by keeping up a constant stream of chatter about anything and everything. Judging current events, dredging up memories, wondering about the future… it just keeps going. As we raise our awareness and learn practices such as meditation, we can learn to calm the mind down. However, if it’s left to itself the mind can, and often does, rattle off a steady stream of thoughts – often negative ones.

The thing is, every thought makes a difference, and repeated thoughts make a big difference. If your repeated thoughts are negative, they effectively become negative affirmations… and what they create will be negative too. Every single negative thought impacts Infinite Energy and causes it to arrange itself in negative ways. Of course, the inverse is also true: every positive thought impacts Infinite Energy and causes it to arrange itself in positive ways. So learn to be aware of your mind’s activities; observe your thoughts, notice your feelings, and gently move them to the positive if you find that they’re negative. And again, learning forms of meditation, yoga and other mind-calming activities is not just extremely beneficial – it’s essential if you truly want to honor your higher potential!

Abundance affirmations – it’s a simple process!

As you become aware of your ongoing thoughts and learn to direct them to the positive, you can focus on creating your abundance affirmations. It’s a simple process: basically, all you need to do is decide on what you want, describe it in a simple and memorable way, and repeat it to yourself over and over. But there are a few points to remember.

  • Start by taking some time to think about what you want. If you already know, that’s great. If not, just sit back and dream a little. Think about what you’d like to have, do and be; what you’d like to do for others and the planet; anything you like. Remember: there are no restrictions and no limits! When you get an idea that resonates with you, write it down.
  • Write down whatever comes to mind. For affirmations, you want your description to be fairly short… but don’t censor yourself if you find yourself writing a detailed, wonderful description of what you want! Write it all down at length, and then come back and edit it into affirmations. Each one should be one or two sentences.
  • Always word your abundance affirmations in the present, as if they are happening right now in your life experience. For example, “I want to be fit and healthy” becomes “I am fit and healthy.” “I want to have an abundance of wealth in my life” becomes “I have an abundance of wealth in my life.” This is because your subconscious mind, and therefore Infinite Energy, always manifests exactly what’s communicated to it. By saying “I want to be fit and healthy,” you imply that you aren’t fit and healthy right now… and therefore you attract the state of being unfit and unhealthy. The same goes for material things. If you say “I want a nice new car,” you’re actually saying “I don’t have a nice new car right now.” Infinite Energy will make sure that you get exactly what you describe – the state of not having a nice new car!
  • Embellish your abundance affirmations to help you feel good as you repeat them. “I am fit and healthy” could become “I am naturally fit, healthy and filled with wonderful, vibrant energy.” “I have an abundance of wealth in my life” could become “Wealth and prosperity flows to me in unlimited abundance as I do what I love and enjoy.” Be creative, but keep your affirmations fairly short as they will be easier to remember and repeat. One or two sentences is best.
  • No matter what you affirm, you need to feel good when you affirm it. This is a crucial point! Sometimes our minds tend to focus on the fact that what we affirm hasn’t arrived in our physical experience yet. For example, perhaps you want to attract a wonderful new romantic partner. You affirm, “I am together with the wonderful man/woman of my dreams; we share our lives in love, bliss and harmony.” But as you affirm this, your mind notices that he/she is nowhere to be seen (yet). Then, every time you affirm, “I am together with the wonderful man/woman of my dreams; we share our lives in love, bliss and harmony,” your mind follows with, “So where is he/she?” The solution is to use your imagination and really feel what it’s like to experience your abundance affirmation as already so. You may need to use your power of concentration at first, but trust me – it gets easier the more you do it!
  • Say your abundance affirmations with passion. The more the better! Our emotions carry our communications to our subconscious mind and Infinite Energy. The stronger they are, the stronger the signal – and the stronger the response!
  • Once you have a list of affirmations, create visual aids to help you remember them. 3″x5″ index cards are good for this. Just write down one abundance affirmation on each card, and put them in places where you’ll see them regularly.
  • By reading the index cards, you will automatically commit your affirmations to memory. Keep the index cards in a stack; you can then read through them in the evening just before you go to bed, and again when you first awaken in the morning. This is a great way to strengthen your communication with your subconscious mind, and it makes your abundance affirmations that much more powerful.
  • Put copies of your abundance affirmations in places where you’ll see them. Post-it notes are great for this. Stick them on your desk, computer monitor, bedroom or bathroom mirror, in your day planner… anywhere you’ll see them regularly. Add them to your cell phone display or the screen saver on your computer.
  • The purpose of these exercises is to firmly imprint your abundance affirmations in your subconscious mind. Consistent, repeated input from your conscious mind is what your subconscious mind – and therefore Infinite Energy – responds to.

And that’s about all there is to it!

Practice, consistency and positive focus are the key elements.

By following the steps above, you will be able to create great abundance affirmations and apply them in your life. Although I encourage you to create a list of affirmations specific to your own life experience, there are some great resources on the web. Just hit a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, and type “affirmations” in the search box. You’ll find many sites with a broad range of affirmations. You can use them as they are, use them for ideas, or you can adapt them specifically to your own situation. The choice is yours.

Stay aware of your thoughts and learn to observe them, and practice meditative techniques. You’ll find that your mind gets quieter, and it starts to become the powerful agent of consciousness that it’s supposed to be. With abundance affirmations you have a very effective tool to help you with Creating Life Abundance. Remember to keep your affirmations simple, positive, present tense and passionate, and repeat them as often as you can. And, as always, remember to have fun!