How to create professional-looking photo greeting cards?

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This article will get you to create professional looking greeting cards printed from your digital photos to impress your friends and family. And even to have them addressed and mailed for you.
How to create professional looking photo greeting cards?

There are 2 ways where you can make your photo greeting cards – using your inkjet printer or using the online photo finishers.

I always goes for the online photo finisher, simply because it is more cost effective and the quality are great.

There are many Internet services that offer great options for printing custom cards:

  • Shutterfly
  • SnapFish
  • Ofoto
  • ClubPhoto

Shutterfly is one of the leaders in online printing service.

Once you click on the option to create a card, choose the card design. At this time, if you check on the pricing, you would see that they are really not a bad deal.

Go on and choose the border for the card, edit the image online (I would recommend that you do it using your own photo-editing software for better speed). If you use the shutterfly editing tools, note that all changes are real time. After that, choose the typography – the font and the colour. If you are using shutterfly, do indicate if you want them to mail for you.

And that is! You cards are now on the way to your recipients, and you can move on to do other things.