How to create spiritual intimacy?

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When you decided to marry your spouse, what did you hope for deep inside? Like most, you probably longed to be understood and loved. You wanted to share your innermost being with your mate and receive their acceptance. You may not have realized it, but this longing was a need for creating spiritual intimacy. Many times, we really don’t know how to achieve these things and wind up easily hurt by things our spouse says or does.

God desires for us to experience this oneness with our spouse. Through Him, we can learn this intimacy and work toward His goals for our marriage. There is hope and it starts by becoming your spouse’s best friend. Here are the seven C’s with scriptural references for developing spiritual intimacy:

**Companionship: Enjoy common activities together.

**Communion (Hebrews 10:24): Encourage your spouse’s spiritual walk.

**Communication (Proverbs 16:21): Verbally share your thoughts and feelings.

**Commitment (Hebrews 13:4): Desire your spouse to be the next highest priority after God.

**Candor (Ephesians 4:15): Speak the truth with love.

**Comfort (Galatians 6:2): Bear one another’s burdens.

**Championship: Encourage your spouse often.

How to create spiritual intimacy?

Many times when we experience hurt feelings from something a spouse says or does, we tend to withdraw some of our feelings. We are more hesitant about opening up and telling them our true feelings and we begin to let the “what if’s” in. For example, “what if he doesn’t feel that way?” or “what if she doesn’t like it?” Let me tell you—God doesn’t work on what if’s, he works with a strong faith.

If you have this kind of faith, even the faith of a mustard seed, he can bring good to your relationship and give you the loving acceptance you desire. Sharing spiritual intimacy will help you and your spouse grow to levels that you can’t even imagine!

Developing this oneness through spiritual intimacy models the oneness between Christ and his bride, the church. You and your spouse will become so close that whatever affects one of you will affect the other. Even when spouses are unequally yoked, you can still experience this intimacy.

The three main goals of achieving spiritual intimacy in your marriage are putting God in charge, making prayer a priority, and becoming best friends!