How to create your own country style with cottage decorating?

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You can escape any time you want to your own cottage getaway right in your own home. Have you dreamed of having your very own cottage where you could go to relax whenever you wanted?

Where would that dream cottage be? There are dozens of choices and each one can be created right in your own home. You can concentrate on just one room in your country home, or you can turn your entire home into that cottage getaway.

Your imagination will be your only limitation in choosing your cottage style theme. It could be a beach cottage, or a country garden cottage, or French country cottage, or a rustic mountain cottage. I’m sure you already have an idea of what you want your cottage to be.

Cottage style is informal, comfortable, and whimsical, just like a vacation cottage should be. Furniture styles can be combined to create this style that doesn’t take itself seriously, and can often be done on a simple budget, using much of what you already have. Cottage style will include those items important to you, whether it is a favorite collection, pictures or pieces of furniture.

Color is important in cottage style decorating and should be chosen with care after considering the look you want. Remember, you are creating style.

How to create your own country style with cottage decorating?

There are so many cottage style possiblilities that it is hard to know where to start. If you have an idea of the type of cottage you would like to have, you have a place to start in planning your design. Here are a few ideas for consideration.

  • Choose a few books and magazines to browse for inspiration.(see below for my book recommendations)
  • Choose a cottage style or mix several favorites.
  • Choose a room in which to start.
  • Choose a color palett. Take the color from an area rug, sofa, favorite quilt you want to display, or from a favorite picture.
  • Decide if you want wallpaper or paint for your walls.
  • Choose the wallpaper pattern or the paint color and decide if painting whether you will want to use a faux paint technique.
  • Choose which furniture you already have and will want to use and be sure to check outside too, if using a garden theme.
  • Decide if you will need to paint existing furniture.
  • Choose fabric and patterns you will need for curtains, pillows etc.
  • Shop for additional furniture or accessories(maybe here on-line?).

Remember that you can mix and match furniture, but you will want some common thread to tie the room together. Fabric color can do that and also remember that if you are using a lot of different furniture and styles, the walls would be better painted in a neutral color for a calming effect. For a cottage garden style, use lots of floral patterns, mixed with stripes or checks, plants, birdhouses, china, and garden items, such as a bench or planter, etc.. Painted furniture, mixed with traditional furniture and an overstuffed sofa, lots of lace or sheer curtains at windows too. I think this style is so very pretty, comfortable and easy to do.

Start with a few well chosen books, for inspiration, suggestions and lots of ideas for choosing your accessories and furnishings.