How to decorate your beach wedding?

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The first rule on beach wedding decoration is to make it simple yet elegant.

In most cases the beach is wedding decoration enough.

You have probably chosen a beach most perfect for the ceremony. The natural outdoor surroundings will make a beautiful natural beach wedding decoration.

All you need to do is add some extra finesse.


This will most surely lit up your beach wedding. Pick beautiful sea shells and use this easy going candle recipe to create the most romantic candles for your party.


Why not mark out hearts in the sand nearby the wedding ceremony. Fill the outer circle with red rose leafs. Spread some water on the rose leafs to keep them stay if windy,

How to decorate your beach wedding?


A great idea for a beach wedding decoration is to place the bride and grooms favourite flowers in a pumpkin vase that you carve out yourselves. It will make a special and natural decor to the wedding. This way you can decorate the beach without having to be afraid of expensive flower accessories to look after.


You can make similar circles in the sand and let this mark the ceremony centre. Let the bride and groom stand in the circle and be wedded in the heart.


Get hold of an old wooden boat – It does not need to be sailable. It can actually be just half a boat and you can have it half way in the sand like a ship wreck.. Place the boat on the beach and fill it with sweat drinks for the guests. Fill it up with ice to keep the drinks cold. It would make a great beach wedding decoration.


Arranging a late beach wedding? Place home made paper lanterns as a pathway down to the beach wedding area or simply use it as random beach wedding decoration. A great idea when if your party are planning to stay on the beach late in the evening. It will make a stunning effect.


You can not have a beach wedding without a beach wedding ache. It makes this part of the beach a little more yours and it frames the important act you are being part off this day. Pick a simple one that is easy to put up.

Well that was some of my ideas for beach wedding decoration.

Remember that there are lots of possibilities on how to decorate in a beach theme. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Go have a beautiful wedding.