How to decorate your home on a budget?

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A happy home is not merely a structure of brick, block, or wood. It comes from what grows within its walls – the people who live within them. Therefore, when decorating your home, let each room be an expression of your family. Decorating your home comes from what’s on the inside! Possessions really have little to do with a happy home. Rather, it is built through emotions such as laughter, joy, excitement, and yes – even sadness. If you will make the decision to get creative – you may be surprised at how you can turn the ordinary into something beautiful!

Many people have to live on a budget. I’m sure you have seen all of the shows on TV that help you “design on a dime”! They travel to different homes and show you how to completely redesign a room for under $1,000.00! My best friend and I chuckle at this idea, since we believe we could redesign a room for under $100.00! It’s like the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

No one says that you have to buy everything new when you want to change a room! Yard sales, thrift stores, and the Goodwill are all great places to find those “hidden treasures”. For instance, old furniture can be refinished or painted, sheets can be converted into curtains, and a quart of paint on just one wall can change the entire feel of a room! Decorating your home by being creative not only provides self-fulfillment, but also brings joy in sharing it with others. Below are some decorating tips to get you started. Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter, Seasons, to find more new tips!

How to decorate your home on a budget?

**Family photos are a wonderful way to invite others into your life. Put them in creative or unusual frames and sit them around. We actually form a “wall of memories” down our hallway with lots of pictures.

**Monitor the noise levels. Instead of having the TV volume on high, put on some soft music to change the mood.

**Light a candle by the kitchen sink. This adds a touch of beauty-even to a sink with dirty dishes!

**Next time you find a good sale on sheets, buy one or two to match some of your rooms. They can be used to cover pillows or as curtains. If you don’t sew, just tie them onto the pillows or drape them over your windows using hooks.

**Printed sheets are also great tablecloths for family gatherings when extra tables are needed. If something gets spilled, throw it in the wash!

**Before you throw anything away, consider creative ways you may can use it. Ex.: Cracked mugs make cute floral arrangements, cracked plates can be used as borders for flower gardens.

**If you have children, encourage creativity in them as well. Have them make their own cards! Give them supplies like popsicle sticks or clay so they can use their imaginations!