How to Design Jewlery – Make Your Own Low Cost Jewelry

Many people believe “homemade” equates to chintzy, but that’s just not true. I can teach you how to make unique custom jewelry that you can be proud to wear… and even sell.

*Jewlery” vs. “Jewelry”?
Now, before you hop over to my Contact page to send me “hate” mail telling me what a bad speller I am… I KNOW I misspelled the word “jewelry” on this page! And I will continue to do so in quite a few places on the site.

You see… there are tons of people who don’t know how to spell jewelry correctly. How do I know this? It’s simple… because tens of thousands of searches are done every day on the Web, spelling it “Jewlery”. That’s how a lot of people say the word too. (JOO-la-ree, instead of joo-ul-ree)

I’ve built this site for everyone… even the not so great spellers out there, so I wanted to make pages they could find in the search engines too. So, please… bear with me. (THANKS!)

Getting started in making jewelry is easier than you think. Don’t worry… I’m here to help you learn how to design jewlery… from start to finish.

When I got interested in designing and making my own jewelry, I started buying other designers’ jewelry, which turned out to be a great reference point. I even took some of the pieces I bought apart, so I could understand how they’d been made.

When I learned how to design jewlery, I found that it also helped in so many ways with buying jewelry… because I now know about technique and different gemstones and this enables me to pick out the best of the best in jewelry.

How to Design Jewlery   Make Your Own Low Cost Jewelry

Before we go any further, I just want to let you know that I taught myself everything I know about making jewelry, so you can too.

Tips on How to Design Jewlery: Getting Ideas

The first thing I recommend doing is a lot of looking. An important part of designing and selling jewelry is to know what’s in, so that you know what will sell. A great way of doing this is to go shopping… not to buy, so hold on to your cash… just to look.

See what the stores have to offer in the way of handcrafted unique jewelry. (Then you’ll make your own low cost jewelry verion!)

A second source of ideas are magazines such as In Style and Lucky and even Star, because all the celebrities are in these magazines and they are wearing what is hot.

Thirdly, you can search the web. There are plenty of jewelry websites that will give you all kinds of inspiration. Some of my favorites are Fragments.com and Ylang Ylang.com and of course my own site, ShpMintJewelry.com, which I will tell you more about later.

This will give you an idea of what the trends are and what the really hot designers are making and how they are making it.

Tips on How to Design Jewlery: Start-Up Supplies

Next, you will have to invest in some tools. My specialty is wire wrapping and you can make some beautiful jewelry with this technique alone. And you won’t need a whole lot of tools either!

You also need beads. There are lots of places to buy beads, but to make things easy, start with FireMountainGems.com. They will send you a catalog and you can pick from there, or you can go to your local bead store, if you have one.

Another great resource is ArtGems.com. They have wonderful beading videos to get you started with wire working. I suggest you buy a video or two… it will give you step by step on technique.

So that should be enough to get you started. Just to let you know, I taught myself very quickly—with minimal investment and started selling jewelry right away.

I have been making and selling jewelry for more than three years and have been able to work at home and make a nice living. I have also started my own e-commerce website where I sell my own as well as other designers’ jewelry.

So I hope this gives you a great place to get started with how to design jewlery to wear and sell. Whether you want a way to make low cost jewelry or you want to feed your creative juices by making handcrafted unique jewelry, the tips you’ll find here will help.

I wish you much luck and creativity…