How to develop athletic power through proper weight training?

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Weight training forms the base of your sports training. As an athlete, you want to condition your muscles to work together as one tightly knit unit. To accomplish this, you must weight train large muscle groups in an athletic fashion.

Here’s something you need to know right away! Don’t train like a body builder!

Body building is a rugged sport, and I understand the incredible dedication it takes to excel in that arena, but you don’t want to train as a body builder. You are not after “pretty muscles.” You are after explosive strength and power.

Too many athletes read the latest routine in body building magazines and try to apply it to their training. That is the wrong kind of strength training for you. Body builders train individual body parts using weight and set repetitions designed to enlarge the muscle.

You don’t want to do this. Think about it for a moment. In sports like football, baseball, basketball or soccer, athletes move in a variety of odd angles, in contorted positions, against force, and with great speed (hopefully). You must train your muscles to accommodate this demand.

So, here are three of the top ways to build this power-packed, explosive body.

1. Olympic weight lifting. I’m sure you’ve either read, seen or heard about Olympic style weight lifting. The clean and jerk, power cleans, snatches, and squats. Okay, you need to know they are a little tricky to learn. And, they are taxing. But, the payoff is huge. These lifts require you to work your muscles (the large core muscles) as a package. You will build incredible power doing these lifts.

Please! Get some good coaching on how to do these weight training exercises properly! You can easily hurt yourself (always a bad thing for an athlete) if you do them incorrectly.

How to develop athletic power through proper weight training?

Speaking of great coaching. I’m going to let you in on a secret! I’ve discovered an awesome web site that has the best sports training information I’ve ever come across. It has detailed, specific, training programs for nearly any sport you can think of. Exact number of sets, reps, and routine structure. Weight training, plyometrics, speed, power, you name it!

2. Core muscles. You need to give serious attention to your body’s core structure. Your hips, buttocks, lower back, and abs. These muscle groups form the “strength base” of your body. Top athletes have a solid core structure, and have weight training routines designed to develop this all-important area.

Your body requires a strength base from which to operate from. Your core provides this base. You need to establish strength, and flexibility in your core muscle groups.

What’s the best way to do that? Great question! I have a tip for you…

You’ve probably heard of medicine balls. They’re excellent for developing the core. You might think medicine balls are “old-fashioned.” Think again. They are fast becoming a mainstay in the athletic training programs of professional and college teams all across the country.

There are a variety of medicine ball routines that will serve you well. Many of them mimic the movements of Olympic lifts. You should find a program you like, and get to work! The payoff is big.

You owe it to yourself to give them a try. Your competition may not know about the edge they can give you.

3. Now, I’m going to let you in on another great little secret that most of your competition probably doesn’t know…

…Have you heard of kettlebells? If not, then you should become familiar with them soon. They can and will put you on the cutting edge for weight training in sports. But, I warn you, they are an evil little device!

A kettlebell looks like a small bowling ball with a handle on the top. They come in various sizes for men and woman. They will chisel your body, and build incredible strength, power, and stamina. They are a superior instrument for sports training. You can get a good, hard workout in 15 minutes. They are portable (you could easily set one on the floor in your car), and you need little space to use them.

In Russia, the elite military troops have been using them for years. Now, our military has begun to use them as a way to train our combat troops.

And now, many top athletes are using them and obtaining incredible results. With kettlebells you can perform many lifts designed to improve athletic performance (including the Olympic lifts I mentioned before). And, maybe best of all, they are a fun way to add a great weight lifting workout!

For sports training, kettlebells provide a huge advantage. Namely, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. And, you won’t be so exhausted that you cannot practice your sport with your full intensity. That’s a great return on your investment. They’re a weight training bonanza!