How to Draw a Unicorn

Learn how to draw a unicorn by following this step by step tutorial. Unicorns are often pictured rearing – and that’s what we are going to draw today. Traditionally unicorns have been depicted as having the head and body of a horse, a billy goat beard, lion’s tail and the cloven hooves of an antelope. These days however, they are more likely to be depicted as horses with the typical unicorn’s horn. The unicorn I am going to show you how to draw in this tutorial is the modern version, a horse with a horn. If you first learn how to draw a unicorn in this style you should find it fairly easy to also draw a more traditional one if you want to do so as you will already know how to draw a unicorn’s body and head.

Sometimes people find the prospect of drawing horses a little intimidating – if that’s you, don’t worry. This tutorial will take you through the process step by step so you will avoid common errors and learn how to draw unicorns.

The most important thing to remember when learning how to draw unicorns, is to take your time. Pay particular attention to the legs – it’s important that your unicorn looks as if he is standing on his legs.

One other thing to watch out for is to try and get a sense of action into your drawing. Unicorns, like horses, cannot stand on their back legs for long because the greater proportion of their weight is is in the torso and front shoulders. This is what gives then their slightly top heavy, off balance look when rearing. So it will help your drawing immensely if you get a sense of a ‘moment caught’ on the paper.

How to Draw a Unicorn

Okay, I hope I haven’t put you off! Really, learning how to draw unicorns is not that difficult.

What you will need

HB Pencil

Erasers – putty and/or vinyl

Paper and drawing board or a sketchbook

Step 1

Let’s have a look at the finished drawing:
Pay particular attention to the angles of the legs and the solid look of his hind legs. Look too at the front legs – the way the hooves appear to drop, and the angles of the joints.

Step 2

Now sketch in the rough outline of the unicorn’s body as in the image below. Take your time and use light strokes. Erase your guide lines when you are satisfied the drawing is correct. Pay careful attention to the horn. It is a spiral which gets gradually smaller towards the tip.

Step 3

Finalise the outline, still checking for mistakes.

Then erase any remaining unwanted lines.

Step 4

Add details and a little shading – don’t forget the shadows below the hind legs.

Congratulations! You have just learnt how to draw a unicorn.

The more frequently you practise the quicker you will learn how to draw unicorns with ease. Use images of horses to practise different angles. Remember to place the horn in the center of the rough square created by the eyes and ears.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to draw a unicorn and found it useful.