How to Draw a Wolf

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Learn how to draw a wolf by following this step by step tutorial. Classically wolves are shown howling at the moon, so in this tutorial you will learn how to draw a wolf howling. Wolves are of course closely related to dogs so they are very similar to draw. If you can draw dogs, you can certainly learn how to draw wolves – and vice versa.

If you haven’t already looked at the pages covering basic shapes mark making and seeing you will find it easier to follow this tutorial if you have read and work through them before beginning.

You will need

Hb Pencil

Sketchbook or sheet of paper and drawing board

Vinyl and kneadable erasers

Step 1

The first step in learning how to draw a wolf is to lightly sketch in the basic shapes you can see in your reference photo or, if you are very lucky the live wolf you can see.

Here is my finished line drawing: try to identify the basic shapes which make up this wolf.

How to Draw a Wolf

Step 2

Next start to develop the outline, still working lightly. At this stage, don’t try to draw the texture of the fur, wait until you are sure the outline is exactly as you want it. Whenever you draw anything with an irregular outline, serrated leaves or an animal with fur, for example, get the shape correct first, then develop the texture.

Step 3

Now start to indicate the rough, coarse fur in your drawing. Here I’ve used loose pointed shapes and broken lines to illustrate the wolf’s fur.

Step 4

To finish drawing your wolf, add some details – shading to the mouth and eye, calligraphic lines and squiggles to indicate the grass and light hatchings to add form to the legs.

Congratulations! you have just learned how to draw a wolf. You could continue to add texture and tone, or colour or simply leave this drawing as it is.I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. I regularly add new pages to the site so be sure to check back regularly. Or sign up for my RSS feed and have the latest step by step tutorials and lessons delivered straight to your RSS reader, or Google, Yahoo or MSN pages. Just click on the links on the left.