How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

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How To Draw Hair-Patterns

All dogs breeds have different hair patterns. For long-haired-dogs you must be accurate with the placement of the tones and also the direction.

With the shorter haired dogs, shading and blending is usually enough.

How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

This is a good example of patterns of long-haired-dogs. In this drawing of a Shetland Sheep Dog you can see that the darker tones have been added to the outline. Refer to your original to see where to place the tones.

How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

Whenever you add tone with a pencil make sure you do it in the direction of the hair.

You must also shade and blend in the direction of the hair to get a realistic effect.

Shade and blend as usual and add more dark tone if you have to.

Remember that scrap piece of paper with the “scribble” on it? You’ll need it now.

If you don’t remember, take a piece of scrap paper and scribble a dark area with your pencil. Using your sharp edged eraser, drag the edge across the scribble. Get it really dirty.

With quick strokes, drag from the dark areas of the sides of the face down into the light areas of the chest. Drag the eraser away from the face to simulate the hair.

This technique works well because as you drag through the dark areas, the eraser will also create what looks like lighter hairs with-in the dark. Watch for hair direction. Repeat this until you get the fullness you need.

Clean the edge of your eraser by sharpening it on a piece of emery cloth. Now drag from the lighter areas of the chest down into the darker lower areas. Do this where ever you see contrasting tones (dark and light) over-lapping each other. The more you repeat this process the fuller it will look.

The lighter area of the chest was done by first lightly shading with a dirty tortillion. Then simulating individual hairs with the pinched edge of the kneaded eraser.

Make sure everything looks smooth and soft.

How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

The hair on this Yorkshire Terrier was created almost totally with this technique.

How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

The chest hair on this Bernese Mountain dog was done by dragging the clean edge of the eraser from the white into the dark.

How to draw long haired dogs with pencils?

My Border Collie was done the same way. Using this sharp edged eraser method (for long-haired-dogs) and dragging dark into light and light into dark, you add realism and depth to your dog drawing.