How to dress sliding glass door?

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by Natalie

Hi I have a major problem. I have a sliding glass door i have up sliding blinds but want to jazz it up by taking blinds off and putting curtains or something can you help. door size is 95 inches in width and 77 inches in height. In laws are coming over for the holidays please help.

thank you


How to dress sliding glass door?
Hi Natalie

Probably my reply is to late to save you from the In laws, sorry How to dress sliding glass door?

The quick and easy way is to fix 3 swag holders over your window one in the centre and one either side. Set over the window about 6 or 7 inches.

Then buy about 6 metres of voile fabric. Then simply hang over the swag holders and tease into a pleasing swag effect.

Let the cut ends tuck under on the floor so they are not seen.

This would be the fastest and simplest way to jazz the window up.

Best Regards