How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen?

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Let me ask you a question, does your kitchen get dirty very often?

It does?

Of course, it does! And let’s accept it, your kitchen is going to get dirty, whether you like it or not. You cannot avoid it, but you can surely make cleaning it easy!

Here are some tips that professionals use in the designs to keep the dirt-monster at bay.

The basic of a well-designed kitchen is the work triangle. (I know, I know… you have heard it too many times, please stay with me while I explain this for those who don’t once more.)

The work triangle consists of the three most used areas in the kitchen—these are the cook top, sink, and refrigerator. This minimizes the distance you have to move while working in the kitchen.

It’s the carrying things around the place that leads to spills and messy patches.

One way to minimize that is to put the sink and cook top close together. Keep a rolling cart or a drop leaf table to compensate for a poorly designed work triangle.

If your kitchen can afford the space, the best way to counter this problem is to build a center island.

Trash it!

Keep trash collectors handy. It makes cleaning up easier. Food scarps can go into the disposal, but you need an enclosed place for the packaging as well.

Easy to reach bins for the kitchen waste can make cleaning up easy. Put different colored bins if you separate waste for recycling. Let the proper waste go in the right bin so that you do not waste time on the trash day.


There are different shelves that ask for different levels of commitment.

Open shelves give you flexible storage but gather dust easily.

Glass doors or display cases can stop the dirt without blocking your view. This creates an additional chore, though, you have to keep the glass clean.

Clean Floors

Floors are the most abused places in the house. Also, most of the dirt in the kitchen ends up on the floor. This dirt gets lodged into the gaps in the flooring material that you use.

You can reduce the effort required to mop the floor by having fewer gaps in the floor. To do this, eliminate the seams by rolling the edge of the floor up to the toe-kick by making a smooth curve instead of an angle. Possibly the dirtiest place in any kitchen is the seam between the vertical surface of the toe-kick and the horizontal surface of the floor. The technique is easiest with vinyl, linoleum, and tile, but it’s also possible with wood if you have the edge pieces custom-milled.

Some favor ceramic tile flooring but its clean look takes constant attention. With ceramic tiles, you’re asking for a daily sweeping of the floor. To make tile look cleaner, I recommend large squares with narrow grout lines.

How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen?

Smart Workers- Appliances

Nowadays you get smart appliances. There are self-cleaning ovens, frost-free freezers; refrigerators with spill-catching shelves, and dishwashers with a range of cycles all reduce on kitchen cleanup chores.

If you’ve ever had to clean dirty drip pans from a stovetop with conventional burners, you’ll appreciate cook tops with smooth, ceramic surfaces. Even sealed gas burners with grates over the top are a cinch to clean.

Kitchens get dirty, primarily because of the grease and smoke from your cooking. You can avoid this by installing a properly sized exhaust fan. It can help reduce greasy buildup on surfaces and also get rid of the smoke.

Wherever possible go for built-in appliances as they can eliminate common dirt traps, such as the space behind the refrigerator or the gaps between a freestanding range and the adjacent countertops.

Cabinets & Countertops

Cabinets that are the easiest to clean are the ones that have flat doors with a baked-on finish. You can choose from two options:

Option1- Painted cabinets with a high-gloss finish. They show dirt, but they’re easier to wipe down.

Option 2- Stained cabinets with a flatter, or no-gloss finish. These don’t show dirt as much, but they’re more easily marred and harder to touch up.

People want their kitchens to look elegant and go for raised-panel doors and elaborate molding around cabinetry. These may look nice, but they are harder to clean.

Point to remember-

The greater the molding, the greater the impact on maintenance.

Drawers with removable acrylic utensil liners are an option recommended by us, at Kitchen-Decorating-Ideas.com, as the liners can be thrown right into the dishwasher.

Many door & drawers have pulls and handles to open them. They get messy when your fingers are covered with food or grease.

Look for hardware that makes it easy to open doors and drawers, or you’ll swap cleaning doors for cleaning handles. Try 3-inch-long metal pulls, they let you open the door or drawer with one finger.

Countertop Containment

The same rule applies here- the smoother the surface of your countertop and the fewer the seams, nooks, or crannies, the better.

Curve your countertop up the wall creating a seamless backsplash that eliminates the dirt-catching right-angle joint where the counter meets the wall.

To avoid spills that may get onto cabinets or seep going into drawers, make sure the countertop edge overhangs cabinet doors or drawers somewhat.

Counter-Sink Connection

To keep your counter top clean ensure that the under mount of the sink is attached to the underside of the counter top. With this you can wipe the dirt and other mess right off the counter top into the sink.

Self-rimming sinks have a lip that’s sealed with a bead of caulk and can collect dirt. Want to know the best solutions?

It is the integral sink, in which the bowl and the surrounding counter are a single piece of the same material- like stainless steel, laminate or solid surface. As there are no seams or gaps there is no place for dirt.

If you think an integral sink is expensive, there is one more option.

All you have to do is buy a cutting board. Put the cutting board over the counter top, then slide cuttings right into the sink.

One more area where dirt could collect is the space behind the sink.

Most kitchens have a space of 1 inch between the back edge of the sink and the back splash. This space is enough to gather dirt. It, also, is too narrow to clean.

We at Kitchen-Decorating-Ideas.com recommend a space of at least 2-3 inches between the back splash and the back edge of the sink. This makes it wide enough to clean wipe the space.

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