How To Easily Retrain Your Cat To Solve A Cat Litter Box Problem?

It’s easy to retrain kitty to solve your cat litter box problem.

First off, give her a chance.

Once the pain medication has taken hold, and you’ve made positive diet changes, chances are good she’ll go back to using the box again on her own. Goodbye cat urine odor, cat litter box training is done!

If kitty had a urinary tract infection (UTI), she associates the pain of the infection with using her litter box.

But suppose she doesn’t? You’ve run through the medication cycle, but she doesn’t seem to “get it,” and there’s still a cat litter box box problem?

So, what do you do about cat litter box training?

Well, Kitty stays in one location to learn how to use the box again. Don’t worry, it’s not for long!

Pick a room that houses one of her boxes. Confine her to that room with food, water, the box, and some toys.

Keep her confined for a few days, and monitor her litter box use. She might “get it” quickly, and your cat litter box problems will be over.


How To Easily Retrain Your Cat To Solve A Cat Litter Box Problem?

The key is limit further damage to one room, and to get her used to the idea that it’s now OK to use the box, it’s not the monster it once was.

If she takes a few days to “get it,” it’s easier to eliminate cat urine odor from one room, vs. your entire home.

If you see your cat using the box, praise her to the heavens, and quickly scoop! Don’t give kitty a reason to backslide by not emptying the box. If you have kitty treats, be sure to give her a couple for using the cat litter box.

Her food, water, and a clean litter box are close by, and Kitty experiences less stress in a quiet place – she’s happy with her playthings.

While solving the cat litter box problem, give your cat something to watch!

Here are some wonderful videos you can get for your cat while she’s learning her litter box habits again.

Kitty will be amused and entertained with her kitty videos. You don’t have to feel guilty about confining her, because she’s captivated by these videos.

Go ahead…buy any of these for your cat! Scout and I bet you’ll watch them as well!