How To Enrich Your Pool Experience With Tiles?

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Learn here why and how to choose ceramic swimming pool tiles!

Ceramic pool tiles have been around pools since the first pools were built. Actually ceramic tiles have been around the world long before pool the way we know them nowadays.

Their function hasn’t changed much: ceramic pool tiles are used to beautify, secure and sanitize pools or water exposed areas.

The colors ceramic pool tiles come in are extremely varied: from the classical blue to a more innovative pink and green.

Even more for those willingly to spend more on the beautification of their pool, special hand painted tiles are available.

But if your budget is limited ceramic tiles are the best option since they have great characteristics while maintaining a lower price than porcelain or mosaic tiles.

How To Enrich Your Pool Experience With Tiles?How To Enrich Your Pool Experience With Tiles?

The tiles are very good for surrounding the pool (make sure you get slip and frost free ceramic pool tiles) and for landscaping and arranging the nearby area of your pool.

Some of the most appreciated qualities of ceramic swimming pool tiles are related to their durability, low water absorption (lower than 0,05%), high resistance to intense foot traffic and color permanence no matter how powerful the sun exposure is.

Ceramic pool tiles have a low water absorption rate and they are also frost free. This also induces a great property to ceramic pool floors: thermal shock resistance.

You won’t have to worry about your pool during cold winters or when the pool is not used. Be sure to use slip-free ceramic swimming pool tiles to protect you, your guests and children.

Keep in mind that these tiles are easily cleaned with water or with detergent solution.