How To Find Peace Of Mind?

Peace of mind arises from self-harmony.

What keeps us in disharmony is our war with aspects of ourselves and with the world.

Without inner composure, we find ourselves quite lost in quiet desperation, and we feel frustrated by the small outcomes to our most heroic efforts. Bewildered by why things aren’t working for us, we tend to blame the world and cry for a savior. Yet the calamity in the world that we create is a result of our own self-alienation. Our return to our center will come when we understand the simple grandeur of a calm and steady mind.

We lose our peace of mind when we do not forgive ourselves for mistakes we have made in the past and when we remember how other people have betrayed our trust and hurt our feelings. We also lose it when we feel guilty over accidentally or intentionally hurting others.

We lose our peace of mind when we are dissatisfied with our physical body, when we feel our appearance and our health have much to be desired.

We lose our peace of mind when we regret the past and fear the future.

We lose our peace of mind when we feel apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, and pride in relation to other people.

We lose our peace of mind when we feel the world threatens our safety and well-being.

The consequence of inner disharmony and outer discord is a life of perpetual misery.

How do we turn things around for ourselves? How do we make our lives better by enjoying it more? How can we get rid of our neurosis, our deep sense of insufficiency, our longing for something other than what we are experiencing?

The answer is self-harmony.

We attain peace of mind by initiating self-harmony.

We attain self-harmony by making some clear decisions.

How To Find Peace Of Mind?

We have to decide to forgive. We have to forgive ourselves for everything that bothers us. We have to forgive others for everything that they have done to us. Sometimes forgiveness is hard because it may not be justified. Yet holding resentment is not a solution. Instead of trying to decide whether forgiveness is merited, we need to skip the endless inner arguments by issuing a blank pardon. We need to forgive everyone and everything. We need to let it go. We need to move on with our lives and leave the past behind. This is not easy, but it is the first step to releasing ourselves from a continuous cycle of subconscious agitation.

We have to decide to love ourselves just the way we are. It does not matter if we are flawed with physical, mental, and emotional imperfections. It does not matter if we are not yet whom we would like to be and that our accomplishments are less than inspiring. None of these self-judgments matter. Like the forgiveness process, we need to issue a general amnesty and choose to approve of ourselves anyway.

We have to decide to let the past go. It may not have worked out the way we would have liked and doubtlessly we could have handled everything better–but it is to late to remedy what has been done or what has failed to be done. We should not waste another minute in trying to mend the broken pieces of ourselves that we left behind.

Similarly, we have to make friends with the future. Looking at the patterns, the probabilities, the potentialities of the past and the present, we may feel that the future is ominous and has to be feared. Yet this is just another neurotic circuit in our thinking that damns us to restlessness and disharmony. Again, we have to just trust that somehow all will be well and that we don’t need to brace ourselves for an imaginary impact.

We have to decide to let other people be just the way they want to be. By releasing them from our need for approval, safety, and control, we can free ourselves from feelings of apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, and pride. Our best attitude is to let other people be how they want to be. We don’t have to fit our lives to suit their needs and we don’t have to expect them to conform to our expectations. Again, we can choose acceptance over judgment, tolerance over a subtle tyranny.

Finally, we have to let the world evolve or devolve without the need for our permission. Yes, it could be a better world if people were wiser and kinder, if institutions were benevolent and altruistic, and if history could be completely rewritten, but fighting for a better world has not yet worked in thousands of years. Our positive contribution, in whatever way works for us, is the best and only thing we can do. Again, it’s time for a completely unjustifiable pardon to be issued.

Peace of mind comes only when the war stops. And only we can stop the war within and without. Only we can save our own lives by making decisions that empower self-harmony. All our distress at our own shortcomings and the obvious foolishness of other people and the outlandish absurdity of the world does only one thing–lower our vibrational frequency, stir up our agitation, and attract all the things we do not want over and over again.

When we choose peace of mind, when we choose self-harmony, we will end the separation we feel. When we choose to love ourselves, others, and the world, whether or not it is deserved, we will feel whole, and in this expansion of self, we will find the bliss of unity consciousness.

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