How to fix my sagging rod?

by Rhonda Bush
(Lewisville, TX)

I have a wide window that has a a curved window right above it. I was hanging my curtains level with the regular rectangular shaped window, but the rod is sagging in the middle.

There is no wall to attach a bracket to in the middle, as the space above the window is the curved window. Does this make sense? Have you encountered this before? Thanks for your help!

How to fix my sagging rod?

Hi Rhonda

I’m assuming you dont have a cross bar on the window frame you could fix a bracket to.

The only way to try and cure this problem would be to change your curtain rod. You would need to get a bigger diameter rod (thicker).

A hollow metal rod would be best as this will carry more weight without sagging than the equivalent size wooden rod.

How much thicker depends on how thick the curtain rod is you have now. So if it’s a 1 inch rod then you should try for at least a 2 inch curtain rod. Maybe even a 2 1/2 inch rod would be better. A lot also depends on how wide your window is and how heavy your curtains are. The wider your rod needs to span the thicker it needs to be.

I know it may seem extreme but there is no other way without a support bracket in the center. Also try and avoid the expandable type curtain rods. These are weak at the point where they join. It’s best to use a single rod.

If you still struggle then send me a photo to look at and I will see if I can come up with another way to deal with this problem.

Best regards