How to Gain power and fitness motivation with your imagination?

Like your body into belief and increase your fitness motivation and abilities by using your imagination. Try this, focusing with your mind, isolate a muscle group or area of the body.

OK let’s begin, while your training I want for you to feel the main muscle group your working (this should be extremely easy) Now take it even further go deeper into these working muscles, imagine hearing them contracting and stretching, feel only these muscles, hear these finely tuned muscle actions. Now send them a memory of a time when they where in a cool place, maybe immersed in cool water, it’s so soothing, it’s cooling your muscles, feel the cooling, now remember to breathe controlled breaths inhale deeply hold for a moment —- exhale completely hold for a moment —- continue as you feel the cooling sensations reenergizing you, allowing you to continue beyond the regular perimeters.

Now take it further, your muscles are now being iced, yessss, it’s startling at first but the cold is stimulating and refreshing, this allows you to push it even further, with no pain, only soothing cold iceie strokes, feel it, imagine it right there covering your working muscles. It feels great and your comfort will bring through more reps, more sets, more miles. Take a few moments to go through this mental exercise try it with different muscles.

How to Gain power and fitness motivation with your imagination?

Imagine your training outside you feel an occasional quick breeze of crisp air, you keep pushing yourself, you smell the freshes air, it feeds you like an old friend, this improves your power, you feel it and work it. Now there’s a hint of moisture in that cool breeze, your deep into your training, your body is so alive, your very aware of your inside state, your mind is clear, your spirits high, your body strong and powerful, but you’re still aware of that moisture in the air, that hint of possible rain, the scent of rain holds so much life itself, so much power itself!

And soon it begins, rain falls, you feel it on your head and you tilt it back to welcome it’s rejuevenating powers and you keep training, your training in the rain, your training in a storm, lifting, working, growing and all the time being kept energized by this life giving wonderful liquid and it’s close friend the cool breeze.

It’s pretty strange how these cooling factors are fireing you up, what intense fitness motivation! You are a human animal in the wild, keeping fit for the hunt, preparing for the next need, the need for speed, the need for strength, the need for power! This is your training session, your reenergizing session, this incredible weather dosn’t stop you or even hinder you, it pushes you, feeds your fitness motivation, you and it are one, for now, be the storm.