How to write celebrity fan mail letters in 6 steps?

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Welcome to celebrity fan mail writing 101! How to write celebrity fan mail letters in 6 steps?

Here you’ll get a quick lesson on how to write a good, effective fan letter. Bookmark this “quick reference guide” for future use and enjoy.

6 Steps To Fan Mail Writing Success:

1). First, for best results, it’s extremely important to always include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). Use a standard 8×10 manila envelope with two or three stamps attached to it.

2). Next, put this envelope along with your celebrity fan mail request letter in an 9×11 envelope. (Note: this envelope will require extra postage so check with the post office for the correct amount.)

3). Include a well thought out celebrity fan mail request letter. Your request letter should be short, polite and to the point.

4). Type your letter or write legibly — and proofread! Check your celebrity fan mail letter for misspelled words, good grammar, etc. If your letter is hard to read then your odds of getting back a response greatly decreases.

How to write celebrity fan mail letters in 6 steps?

5). Be original and sincere in your celebrity fan mail letter. You can say what you like most about the celebrity, their movies, music, sitcoms, or any charities or fundraisers they have participated in, etc.

6). Finally, politely ask for their autograph and patiently wait for your reply. Remember, celebrities can get thousands of fan letters weekly!

These celebrity fan mail letter writing tips and suggestions have produced good results for many — good luck!