How to Get a Girl with The Power of Psychology

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How to Change from a Women Repellent to a Ladies man In 1 Second.

Being successful in knowing how to get a girl has a large part of being successful with you. And I don’t mean striking it rich or becoming a top CEO. This is not to say that this doesn’t help, it does in a large part. You want to be successful in a career of your choice. This is ultimately a great chick magnet. However still, I am talking about something more profound.

I am talking about where it all begins.

In your mind.

More importantly, what you say to yourself is what will make the difference of becoming a stud or a less stud-like person to put it nicely.

I am talking about self-talk.

If you have heard of self-talk than I’m sure you know the immense power of it. It’ll teach you how to get a girl. And if you haven’t, then you’re about to learn a very powerful technique.

If you’re skeptical about the concept of self-talk, try this quick exercise to prove that it is real.

How to Get a Girl with The Power of Psychology


1) Say to yourself 10 times in your head, “I’m strong.

2) After you have said it 10 times, continue to say it while you’re doing 10 push-ups.

Feel how strong and powerful you were doing the push-ups (of course you have to take into account how you normally do them: if they are easy or not)

3) Next, say to yourself 10 times in your head, “I’m weak.

4) And once again, after you’ve said it, than continue saying it while you try to do the same push-ups.

Go ahead. Try it! I’ll still be here…

If you’re still reading this, than you haven’t done it yet. So go and do it already!

Alright! How did that feel? Was it much different the second time around? Could you even do one push-up the second time? Come on, be honest.

Now that you have done that exercise, then you know the unlimited power of self-talk.

The thing is, you could be stopping yourself from being with beautiful women without even knowing it. Day-in and day-out do you say to yourself things like:

“I wish I could be with that beautiful woman?”

“How come girls don’t like me?”

Or “I’m not good enough to be with her.”