How to get an A in Music as a subject?

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Getting A in Music as a subject can be quite easy, but at the very beginning it is quite difficult. We could be talking about pre-school level to about highschool (Grade 7 to about 10).

If you have music in your school, like many schools have, this should be quite useful. Even if you were not interested in music, getting an “A” is quite nice right?

Let’s begin with a simple theory lesson.

You will be required to know where and what notes are being presented on barlines or on an instrument. How you remember the notes is not very important. You just have to know it.

The first note is usually a “C” or “Doh”. I will use the “ABCDE” form, since that’s how I learnt it, but if you need to convert it to the “Doh Re Mi” form, I will place a method on how to convert on this page in the end.

How to get an A in Music as a subject?

The first note is “C” as mentioned, then it is very simple. Go up alphabetically.
C –> D –> E –> F –> G –> STOP! From here it is a little different. After “G” is “A”. I don’t know why or who made this rule, but this is how musicians work with their music. So, the order of the notes are:
C –> D –> E –> F –> G –> A –> B –> C –> D –> etc.

This is quite difficult for some people, but just try and memorise it. What ever method you use.

This is how you can convert notes from “ABC” form to a “Sheet Music”. This means that you can actually read music!

Converting from “ABC” form to “Doh Re Mi” form is very simple.

Doh = C –> Re = D –> Mi = E –> Fa = F –> Soh = G –> La = A –> Ti = B –> Doh = C –> Re = D –> Mi = E –> etc.

Just remember that Doh = C and remember the order of the “Doh Re Mi” and just ascend.