How to get rid of the wrinkles on my drape?

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by Cherrie

My curtain fabric is stiff, how do I get the wrinkles out and get a better drape?

How to get rid of the wrinkles on my drape?

Hi Cherrie

I am assuming your curtains are new and not long been hanging. Some fabrics just take longer to settle than others. Having said that there are things you can do to help it settle down.

If your curtains are made of a delicate fabric then try some steam. Use your kettle or even a wallpaper stripper. I have a custom curtain steamer to do this job but its not worth the expense just to do one pair of curtains. Obviously take care not to steam yourself while doing this. The steam helps the fabric fibers to relax. The creases won’t drop out immediately. You will find after a few hours most will disappear.

Just be careful to start, test the fabric by just applying a little steam first then a bit more. Some fabrics don’t take well to much steam.

If your fabric is not to delicate then I would use the iron again but put an oven mitt on your other hand. Then place your hand with the mitt behind the curtain and then with the iron in your other hand press the worst creases out. Use the steam function on your iron.

Again a warning don’t hold the iron to long against the oven mitt as obviously your hand will still get very hot.

If all this seems a bit to much then you can try a spray called “Fabric relaxant”. Assuming you can find somewhere that sells it. Start by trying your local haberdashery store or sewing store. You simply spray the fabric and amazingly the creases start to fall out. The only draw back to this spray is the smell. It leaves a lingering chemical odour.

Once you have done one of the above things you should find it a little easier to dress your curtains in their pleats.

Good luck and best wishes