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How to give a massage for the purpose of enhancing your fitness training experience!

I’m always searching for new ways to improve my fitness training lifestyle. Here are a few general points, techniques and ideas to help you with massage, as it relates to your real-time fitness training program/s . I will also include the definitions of the techniques toward the end of this article to clear up any possible misunderstanding with, how to give a massage, technical terms.

We’ll start with general points on how to give a massage prior to exercise. First we begin massage with Compression, to warm up muscles. Secondly, add in some joint movement to stimulate blood flow. And finally, you can by utilizing Tapotement, stimulate muscle for activity.

I know what your thinking, how is this helpful? Warming up prior to training with the above mentioned techniques has always allowed, in my personal experience, and with others I have worked on, a kind of added ease in the required effort during training. You could find this to lead into a greater effort given in any session and greater comfort through out the session. There is a kind of fluidity with-in the region worked on with massage that translates into a smoother fitness training experience. After you’ve read this article and have followed precautions, I want for you to experience what I’ve just explained, right now, with this simple experiment.


Pick any one of your arms and with the other arms hand (or even better ask someone else to do it) complete all the points on how to give a massage prior to exercise on the arm of your choice (and only on the one arm). Remember you will follow the proper procedure for Compression with joint movement and Tapotement. When the entire arm has been worked on, from shoulder to hand, stop. You now simply raise both of your arms together or move them in sync. Now you know what I mean, you still have the same muscle power as before, but feel your new and greatly enhanced starting point! The other arm which hadn’t been worked on will feel a bit heavier and sluggish in comparison. Which arm do you feel is more ready for action!

How to give a massage after fitness training? We begin again with Compression, to help sooth and relax tired muscles. Then we administer Effleurage, to assist in the removal of muscle energy metabolites.

This procedure can be very helpful in many ways. After training when the muscles have had some intense stimulation, by using Compression you’ll send a message to the tissue to relax, the deed is done! This message is followed with the assistance of the cleansing technique, Effleurage, which assist in the removal of muscle use by products, such as lactic acid. It’s been my experience that, when you have these things happen after training, there’s a better chance of a quicken recovery period with less D.M.O.S. (delayed muscle onset soreness) “pain”.

Again you can experiment with, how to give a massage after training, by using the post exercise techniques on one arm and examining for yourself the results! Of course this will take a day or to (after your training session) as the D.O.M.S. takes effect.