How To Handle Dogs Eating Grass?

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Dogs eating grass can be an embarrassment to the owner. For example, if he eats grass like a cow all your friends will start to call him “Cow”. I wouldn’t worry about this unless you don’t like for your dog to be called “Cow”. Are maybe when you take him out on one of his middle of the night bathroom breaks, in the freezing weather, the neighbors might see you watching your dog eating grass and wonder, “which one has the biggest problem you are the dog”.

Dogs eating grass is not a problem unless he is heaving his guts up after eating it. Dogs eating grass has been around since the very beginning of time without problems. There possibly could be some odd spells of vomiting which truthfully bother the owner more than the dog because the dog usually laps it up and keeps right on going.

Dogs eating grass is a common occurrence but nobody knows why they do it! Some theories exist as to why that flesh-eating animals would resort to eating vegetation. One such theory says that dog actually is not flesh eating animals but animals called omnivores, which means they will eat anything. The thought behind this is that today’s dogs eat grass to add to the diet, which is lacking what grass provides. The center of this argument is that dogs are ingesting too much meat and the need for balance with green vegetation such as we might want a salad to accompany our steak.

My opinion is this is silly. First, the majority of people feed their dog’s kibble, which has all the nutrients, those dogs need. Or at least the good quality kibble does. As for the off-brand, I do not know. If your dog only eats meat, it does not matter whether it is fresh or canned, there might be some truth to this theory. Dogs are healthiest when they have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. These are not usually part of fresh meat.

How To Handle Dogs Eating Grass?

Canned meat may have some nutrients added but the canned food is too mushy for dogs to have healthy teeth and bowels. If canned meat is the primary diet it can cause dental disease early (as well as constipation and flatulence because of the low amount of fiber and roughage). Unless your dog is on a special diet, kibble should be his main food. A couple of teaspoons of canned meat can be added for a little different taste and to tempt his taste buds if you want.

One theory says that dogs eating grass is used as a natural ipecac. They say dogs do not have a finger to stick down their throat to make them throw up. Grass can sometimes make dogs throw up – the blades can bother the stomach lining and a few times I have seen dogs throw up chunks of something unknown that apparently was not digestible, and with this there has been grass. But to put a damper on this theory as well, this is just a theory and not very fact based. Dogs can throw up by themselves without eating grass. I have seen many dogs eating grass without throwing up to allow this theory to be credible.

If you think your dog eating grass will harm him you can stop worrying right now. The only thing that can happen is the grass may bother his throat or stomach and he will either cough it up or throw it up and go about his business. This is certainly nothing to concern yourself over – some dogs do it all their life and it he decides he does not want to do it anymore he will stop on his own.

One thing you can watch is lawns that have been treated with pesticides for snails or with rat bait. Garden pesticides are normally very dangerous for dogs. You should be watching him anyway and keeping him away from recently treated lawns. Dogs eating grass are more prone to have problems since they may eat grass that has been sprayed with pesticides. He should also be kept away from grass that is lying dead in clumps after having been mown. These clumps could have gas and grease from the lawnmower and can make him very ill. (Most dogs will pass this smelly dead grass up for fresh). If your dog’s eating grass is bothering you overly much the main concern seems to be for your yard rather than your dog because there is no proof that eating grass causes any harmful side effects. There may be a few things you can try to make him leave the grass alone.

* A slight variance in his diet may help. Dogs are not like humans in that they need different foods to help keep them interested. Dogs are routine driven. Their food is the same way. If you think the reason is due to the lack of nutritional supplements, then by all means fix him some vegetables. Dogs like many vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and apples. Do not allow him to have grapes, raisins or onions since these can be toxic to dogs.

* Watch him around grass. This does not work well for dogs that are walked without leashes but the only other option is to keep him away from grass period. Or he is most likely to make a dash for the grass. This would not be right for your dog and your walks would be frustrating. The main theory on this is that dogs eating grass just seems to be something they do. It does not hurt anything and if he is eating grass, he likes it. So why take something from him that he likes. Watching him eat grass with the most satisfied look on his face is great for your enjoyment as well as those passing by. This adds a little entertaining flair to the walk.