How to hang a scarf over sheers on a decorative rod?

by Rita Osland
(Tempe, Az 85283 )

I am trying to hang a 54×216 inch scarf over sheers on a decorative rod that is just above the window. Sheers are on the same rod.

The window is 96×58.5 i can get the scarf up but am having a problem getting the swags to come down even after I lay it across the rod. Seems it doesn’t want to drape and shouldn’t it drape over the top of the rod and not show that.

How to hang a scarf over sheers on a decorative rod?
Hi Rita

This is one of those window dressing jobs that are so easy in theory. Yet so difficult in practice to get looking just right.

The real trick to getting your swag to hang right is to make the bottom edge of the swag move down. While at the same time making the top edge of your swag stay still.

Usually the top does move a little no matter how hard you try. So you will need to tease it back up after you have got the bottom shaped into a nice swag.

The truth is I could write instructions all day long on how to do this properly. Most people would still struggle to really understand how to do it. So I am going to make a short video of me doing this hanging job. It will probably be a couple of weeks before it goes live on my site so keep an eye for it.

Best regards