How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

I hope you find some useful ideas to help you hang bay window curtains.

The big thing about bay window curtains is……………..!

they are pretty much the same as curtains for straight windows.

I hear you say “what a load of rubbish” Well read on a little then hopefully you will understand why I made that statement.

The curtain hardware

It’s all about how you fit your curtain hardware. I’m not going to talk about curtain rails in general.

The top treatments

The biggest job sorting out how to hang bay window curtains is when you want to fit a valance, swags or pelmet. Obviously the curtains as well.I will call the above “Top treatments” to keep things simple.

I recommend you don’t use these……!

Once upon a time you would go to your local DIY store and buy a plastic double rail. One rail to hang your curtains the other to hang your top treatment.

Well I’m not going to say another word about that pile of rubbish.

Well let’s get down to work !

“We are going to do it the right way aren’t we………?”

All say ” Yes we are”

What you should be using is Top boards

Simply timber boards usually 18mm X 150mm X as long as you need.

These once fitted will be sturdy and rigid. This is the way a professional curtain fitter would hang bay window curtains.

Don’t get overwhelmed by what follows, just take it one step at a time. It’s not exactly rocket science.

For our first example we will take a look at the “Square Bay” a nice simple one to hang bay window curtains in.

How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

In the picture above you can see the finished job.It looks great doesn’t it.

How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

It all hangs from 3 simple top boards. The long one across the front of the bay. Then 2 smaller ones on the sides of the bay.

In this example the boards fit right up to the coving.They are on simple shelf brackets fixed to the wall over the window. Just like putting up a simple shelf.

Then next the box pleat valance is held up with velcro tape(also known as “Hook and loop tape”).Fix the velcro to the leading edges of the boards using a staple gun.

Finally top fix your curtain rail to the underside of the top boards. For more info on doing this check out the Curtain rail page.

Now you have all the hardware fitted you can take accurate measurements. Then use these sizes to make and hang bay window curtains.

1. Measure your curtain rail for the curtain width.

2. Hook your tape measure on the top of your rail and measure down to where you want your curtain to finish.

3. Measure the leading edges of the top boards where the velcro has been fitted. This will give you the length of your valance.

4. Finally hook your tape measure onto the top edge of the top boards and measure down for the valance length.

Everything is the same as for the square bay. The only slight difference is that the top boards are cut at an angle.

How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

The only difference from the example above is the return top boards.

How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

How to hang bay window curtains the easy way?

The curved bay window top boards are made out of sheets of 18mm plywood. I make a paper template of the bay shape, then cut it out. Next I lay it on the plywood sheet, and draw round it.

Then I use a jig saw to cut out the shape.

Don’t stress your self if you don’t cut the curve absolutely perfectly. It does not matter to much your curtains and valance will cover your mistakes.

Tools for the job !

Below is a list list of tools you will definitely need to hang bay window curtains.

Steel tape measure (4mtr long minimum)
Sharp pencil
Drill (better if it has hammer action for drilling into brick)
Drill bits (6mm diameter of drill bit usually 100mm long)
Posidrive screwdriver (No.2 size of screwdriver)
wood saw (to cut top boards)
Hack saw (to cut curtain track)
Hoover to catch the dust (hold under drill when making hole to catch dust)

Fixings, Screws and wall plugs.

The right screws and plugs mean the difference between your bay window treatment staying up, or ending on the floor. Below is a list of the fixings you will definitely need to start with. If unsure just ask at your DIY store

Fixing into brickwork: Screws (posidrive No. 8)
Red medium plugs

Fixing into plasterboard: Metal redidrivers with matching screws

Preparing to fit bay window curtains.

The first job on the list is to paint some planks of timber,white emulsion will be good. The size depends on how your curtains are going to hang. Either to the sill or to the floor.

The planks should be 18mm thick and over long to fit the main sides of your bay. If ceiling fixed then 150mm wide planks will be fine.

If fixing to the wall above the window then measure out from this wall to pass the edge of the sill then add 120mm. this will give you the total width of the plank you need.

If ceiling fixing your top boards then no brackets are required. You will just predrill 4mm holes in the boards, allowing you to screw the boards to the ceiling

If fixing to the wall then you will need brackets. Simple shelf brackets will do the job. The wider the board the bigger the brackets.

I hope this goes some way to helping you hang bay window curtains for yourself.