How to hang curtains on a sloping window?

by Jo

Have a large attic room with velux windows. Want to dress with curtains as I have a new pair which are large enough to have one at each window – what is the best way to attach them at the top and what should I use to restrain them again the wall ie metal bar or cord or what? Does this make sense? So the curtains are held back at an angle along the slope of the window and then fall to the floor down the wall. They will have to be drawn back to one side. Grateful for any suggestions.

How to hang curtains on a sloping window?

Hi Jo

These easiest solution to this kind of sloping window. Is to use 2 matching poles 1. to hang your curtains from the second to hold your curtains back.

When fitting these I fit the top one first. Then hang the curtains, then use the second pole with the brackets attached. I then hold the curtain back with this pole. Moving it up and down to see where is best to make the curtains fall right. Then I mark the position of the brackets.

Then finally fix the lower pole and dress the curtains behind. This is the easy way to this kind of window. Having matching poles just looks so much better than any other alternative.



  • ThomasButler76

    I agree that hanging curtains on velux windows can be difficult and is definitely something that I would recommend to others.